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Who Is Archangel Raziel? The Angel of Wisdom

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Who is Archangel Raziel? The Archangel of Wisdom

Let’s meet Archangel Raziel! He is most widely known as the Angel of Mysteries, Keeper of Heaven’s Secrets, or who I like to call my Angel of Wisdom. It is said Raziel stands closely to God’s throne and that his divine purpose is to help us understand universal secrets. Some even claim he is the initiator of human destiny. Expect a lot of BIG energy when you work with him! 

Invite Archangel Raziel to connect with you when you need deeper guidance with your spiritual path, in need of a creative spark, searching for esoteric information, or divine magic. If you’re looking to enhance your own psychic abilities, call upon him to develop your spiritual gifts fully. For those who feel held back in some way, Raziel can break down barriers to get you onto the right path. There’s no puzzle he can’t help you solve! So let’s find out more!

Archangel Raziel – The Angel of Wisdom

The name Raziel translates roughly to “Secret of God” and is known in Jewish Mysticism as the keeper of secrets and the Angel of Mysteries. His name alone indicates the importance of his being. In my experiences with him, I see him more as the Archangel of Wisdom, but more on that later. 

Archangel Raziel is typically credited for helping to unlock creativity or enhance your spiritual path or abilities. He is also there to help you understand any complex situation or puzzle you need help solving. 

Raziel will provide openness and clarity to help you find your true purpose and path in life. If you’re trying to understand the laws of the Universe, spirituality, or knowledge in general, call upon Raziel to unlock the door! His scholarly energy will help provide a more thorough understanding and deeper wisdom.

The Book of Raziel the Angel

According to religious texts, Raziel wrote a book (The Book of Raziel the Angel) that contains all of God’s divine secrets about both celestial and earthly knowledge. They claim this book was given to Adam and Eve when they were banished from Eden. Later the prophet Enoch, who later became Archangel Metatron, found the book and added knowledge of his own. Legend also states that the book was then passed down to Noah at the time of the Great Flood.

Archangel Raziel’s Healing Abilities

When you work with Archangel Raziel, some say he can provide healing energy to chronic mental and physical issues. If you suffer from auto-immune diseases, have tumors or growths, high blood pressure, or even chronic migraines, call upon Raziel’s healing energy to calm or alleviate your symptoms.

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Symbols & Signs to Recognize Archangel Raziel

Symbols & Signs to Recognize Raziel

When trying to search for his presence, it is helpful to know his head is surrounded by a glowing yellow aura. It’s said his head is surrounded by a golden aura and his wings are a deep shade of blue. Many others state he is closely associated with colors of the rainbow or an indigo ray of shimmering colors. Raziel brings light upon any darkness, thus his knowledge provides clarity to any dark or uncertain situation.

Having a Personal Experience with Archangel Raziel

I realized during my psychic awakening that my entire life has been guided by the energy of the Archangels, whether I wanted them to or not. Coming from a deeply religious family background, my true core beliefs were not respected, understood, honoured, or tolerated.  As a result, I tend to stay away from the ideology that reminds me of that time. Archangels were included in that list!

So you can imagine my surprise when I began receiving internal messages to learn about the Arch’s, and who they were to me. In the process of doing so, I’ve had a myriad of “aha” moments, where I made connections with incidents and experiences in my life that were unmistakably angelically orchestrated. One such “aha” moment occurred when I consciously reached out to Raziel, the Archangel of Wisdom.

My Younger Years

In my last year of high school, I was in the process of applying to universities. For years I’d known that I wanted to be a child psychologist. I had taken all the prerequisite courses, a co-op semester at a school for kids with learning disabilities, and was working 3 jobs in the field. I had no doubts about my direction. In my 1st-period Creative Writing class, I was about to fill in my three choices and hand in my form. But, suddenly I could not physically write. I held my pen to the paper, but my hand was frozen. I panicked. What the heck was happening? I put the pen down, put the form in my backpack, and decided I’d try again when I got home.

That afternoon I got called out of class by a guidance teacher I’d never had dealings with. She invited me into her office and handed me a class schedule for the Royal Academy of Music in London, England. “I don’t know why this was mailed to me. I’ve never requested information from them. But when I opened it up, I immediately saw your face and knew it was meant for you.”

I went home that day and grabbed the mail. A package addressed to me was there. When I opened it, information on Wilfrid Laurier University’s School of Music had been sent, again without request.

The next day, I was informed that I had been chosen as the recipient of a small monetary scholarship in recognition of my participation in a vocal competition a couple of weeks before.

Ok…so one random experience can be explained away. Three tangible messages, all within hours of each other. And they were all pointing me away from psychology and towards my vocal passion, which was undeniable.

I chose to see, listen, and feel those Divine messages, weighed them accordingly, and pursued my then dream – to sing opera! I applied to Wilfrid Laurier University and was accepted. I’ve never looked back.

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Archangel Raziel is There to Guide You

Years later, as I got to know Raziel, I had the “aha” moment that Raziel was responsible for guiding me toward the life path that was more suited to my purpose! I’ve also benefited from Raziel’s ability to convey esoteric information in an understandable way, and have shed the fears I had surrounding my psychic gifts. I enjoy manifesting using his energy to magnify my desires and support my endeavors.

How can Archangel Raziel affect your life in a positive way?

Okay if you made it this far – I have a treat for you! If you are looking to explore and find your own personal connection with Raziel to see how he can support you on your path – I have a 5-minute meditation to help you do just that!

Archangel Raziel Meditation

Archangel Raziel Meditation

Close your eyes. Take two fingers and place them on your third eye. In a counterclockwise circular motion, move the skin around your third eye area. Breathe deeply and visualize it opening up so wide, it reaches out to the universe, absorbing ancient knowledge at a rapid speed. You expand easily with this remembered information. Your third eye glows with the indigo light of ten stars. Remove your fingers now and enjoy the sensation you’ve created.

Take two fingers and place them on the top of your head, at the crown. In a clockwise motion, move the skin at the crown area. Breathe deeply and visualize it opening like a submarine hatch. All the ancient wisdom floating with the stars is drawn to your open crown and immediately pours itself into you, filling your crown with beautiful white light, shimmering with life. You expand even more now with the memory of lives and learning past. Remove your fingers now and enjoy the sensation of both chakras open and working in tandem.

Now take your hands and cross them both over your heart chakra. Visualize a blend of indigo and white light from your crown and third eye chakras forming a direct beam of swirling color into your heart. Open your heart fully, breathing this light deeply into each chamber and vessel. See the beam of light now as an infinite loop between the three areas.

In the center of this loop, you notice an energy form growing. It gets larger and larger until it is so big; you are surrounded by it, enveloped in the light. You realize this large energy is Archangel Raziel! Repeat out loud this intention: Hi Raziel! I’m honored to meet you! I’d love to learn about your gifts, and how you communicate with me. I’m ready to receive the key to my inherent wisdom and knowledge. Please use me as an open conduit from the Divine realm to this one so I can realize fully the wisdom and knowledge locked inside the Collective Conscious, and assimilate it with complete clarity and ease, in a tangible, verifiable way now. I’m so grateful you have made it so!

Thank you for being here! 

I hope you enjoyed this exercise and found the meditation helpful. This meditation comes from my book, The Archangel Experiment: Elevate your Relationship with the Divine. In this book, I provide many guided audio meditations and experiments that help you discover more ways to deeply connect with Raziel to help you unlock the Universe’s mysteries. Audio Recordings of Meditations Included!

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If you enjoyed learning about Raziel and how you can benefit from getting to know him, check out my other posts on Archangels.

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