Who is Archangel Raguel? The Archangel of Harmony

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Who is Archangel Raguel? The Archangel of Harmony

Archangel Raguel is the ultimate Archangel of Harmony and your personal Jedi Master. He is a fantastic resource for exploring multiple layers of peace and harmony in all aspects of your life.

When you need help in overcoming a conflict with a friend or in your relationship, call upon Archangel Raguel for assistance! If you need strength to fight against injustice or if you’re being mistreated and unheard, know that Raguel will be there for you. In times of distress, feel his presence wash over you bringing calmness and order to any difficult situation.

Archangel Raguel  – The Archangel of Harmony

Archangel Raguel’s name translates to ‘Friend of God’ and it’s his role to make peace and to provide strength and balance on Earth. Not only will he help you find peace and harmony within yourself, but also in relationships with others. Whether you’re healing from past trauma or you’re looking to attract more loving relationships in your life, call upon Archangel Raguel to guide you in the right direction. 

As the Archangel of Harmony, Raguel is all about living with integrity and high moral standards. If you’ve ever been involved in a situation where you felt mistreated or unheard he’ll support you by providing strength so you can feel empowered and respected. Many of us (I’m sure) have encountered some form of dishonesty or gossip at one time or another. Archangel Raguel will help to steer you down an honest path so that you may bring justice to an unjust situation. Archangel Raguel is also a wonderful companion to those of you involved in helping your community fight crime, poverty, hunger, climate change, racial injustice, and more. He will always be there to help you find love, compassion, empathy, and non-judgment for yourself and others. 

Furthermore, Raguel is the leader of a group of angels called the principalities. This group of angels is widely known to create order in your life. For example, they may inspire you to take on a spiritual practice through meditation, prayer, and serving others. Through this role, Raguel can provide wisdom and fresh ideas to people in leadership roles. Whether you’re a parent raising kids, working in a managerial role leading a team, or running your own business, Raguel can offer you guidance to organize and lead with confidence.

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Symbols & Signs to Recognize Raguel

Many people associate Raguel with shades of blue and a sky blue or turquoise aura that emanates radiant positive energy. Some may reference symbols of snow and ice to portray him, as this represents a cooling effect for overcoming difficult situations.

Being in Archangel Raguel’s presence is said to be supportive, calm, and friendly. He can also provide a boost of energy and strength when needed.

Raguel often works with us through our throat chakra to open our communication. To help deepen your connection with Raguel try using crystals such as aqua marine, turquoise, or other blue stones to enhance the experience.

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Having a Personal Experience with Archangel Raguel

My first experience with Archangel Raguel..

Many years ago, I was in a car accident. An intoxicated man ran a stop sign at high speed and slammed into the car where I was a passenger in. I was hit twice from two different angles, and had to be pulled from the vehicle as my door was inoperable. As I saw what was about to happen, I thought to myself: “this could be really bad. I may die.” And in that split second, I surrendered to whatever was to be.

The whole experience was terrifying.

I had many injuries and spent several months in and out of doctors offices and treatment facilities to recover. The post traumatic effects of the experience lasted over two years before I didn’t jump every time a car pulled out to the right of me. (Sometimes I still react.)

I had to pursue legal action because of my injuries and I wasn’t looking to gouge anyone or punish the driver for his poor judgment. I was looking to cover the medical costs of my treatment and recovery. And I wanted him to get help so he couldn’t go out and do this again to someone else.

The lawyer he hired to represent him actually tried to blame me for the accident (even though I was in the passenger seat of another car, with zero control over anything.). He took no responsibility for his choice to get drunk and get behind the wheel. He made excuses and tried to use a past injury of mine that was reactivated in the crash to suggest that I was using the accident to pay for something that wasn’t his fault.

The whole situation was demoralizing and unjust. I felt victimized twice over because I was injured due to his reckless actions, and I now suddenly had to defend and explain a previous injury, reliving that trauma. None of it was fair.

The entire process took a little over two years. Within that time, Archangel Raguel came to me and eased my frustrations by letting me know he was “on the case”. He showed me in a vision the drivers life circumstances, and what brought him to this low point, allowing me to find compassion and clarity around his choices, not only with the accident, but with the handling of the legal case. He gave me peace by sharing through a powerful dream the outcome; that I wouldn’t get what I wanted but I would get what I needed, and so would he. His presence in my life during this difficult situation allowed me to release the red tape and hoop jumping and gave me the guidance to follow through with whatever was required to play my part in helping this man get the help he needed.

And Raguel didn’t let me down! It turned out exactly the way he showed me. I am fully recovered, got my medical bills covered, and was able to forgive the man for his misguided choices. Raguel brought balance to my life when there was none. For that, I’m forever grateful!

To connect with Archangel Raguel for your own personal experience, check out the guided meditation below.

Archangel Raguel Meditation:

Stand tall. You are a puppet on a string. The string is attached to the crown of your head, reaching all the way up into the universe, keeping your spine straight. The rest of you is very relaxed. Roll your shoulders back and down. Breathe deeply through your nose into your abdomen, allowing the air to gently expand your midsection, creating room for Raguel’s energy. Exhale insecurity, instability and indecision out through your mouth, completely emptying your lungs. Repeat this breathing pattern 2 more times. Now ground your dominant foot to the floor, spreading your toes wide, all four corners of the foot connected to the earth. Slowly and deliberately raise the ungrounded foot off the earth an inch or two. Feel solid and balanced. Use your hands and arms to reinforce your balance as needed. Continue to breathe deeply. As you stand tall and strong, your attention is drawn to the crown of your head, by a glistening orb of light. This orb travels down along your spine, leaves your body, and grows in size as it positions itself in front of you.

You look directly into the center and see a figure inside. Archangel Raguel has come to meet you! Slowly lower your raised foot, re-center your balance, and repeat out loud this intention: Hi Raguel! I’m honoured to meet you! I want to get to know you better. I’d love to learn about your gifts, and how you communicate with me. I’m ready to receive your guidance. Please connect my mind and heart in tandem so I can recognize the miracle of harmony & divine justice in all my relationships, in a tangible, verifiable way now. I’m so grateful you have made it so!

If you wish, take this time now to add a personal intention for this experiment.

Raguel readily agrees and as he invites you to join him, you feel a distinctive hum resonating throughout your body. He is adjusting your personal vibration to receive his messages. When you are ready, gently open your eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise and found the meditation helpful. This meditation comes from my book, The Archangel Experiment: Elevate your Relationship with the Divine. In this book, I provide many guided audio meditations and experiments that help you discover more ways to deeply connect with Raguel to help you find inner peace and harmony. Audio Recordings of Meditations Included!

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