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Who is Archangel Michael? The Archangel of Courage

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Archangel Michael is perhaps the most well known, most well recognized and called upon angel of our time. He is best known for his Protector image, a veritable knight in shining armor, saving those who call upon him from their fears, their perceived enemies, their overwhelming emotions. Archangel Michael is acknowledged as an important figure in many of the major religions (ie. Judaism, Islam, Christianity), described as a Protector from Evil; the right hand general warrior in God’s army.

For me, Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Courage, helping us to reveal our power within, and have the courage to move forward beyond fear and into our Divine Destiny, with him as loyal companion and friend. We are never alone when we call Archangel Michael to our side!
Here’s how to reach out and recognize Archangel Michael’s presence on a personal level:

Who is Archangel Michael? The Archangel of Courage

Archangel Michael is seen as the defender of humanity, saving us from those that unfairly persecute, judge, block and harm us. In essence, he is the Archangel who provides protection from ourselves. Seen as a leader of all in the angelic realm, he delegates protection when called on, to make sure no one is left behind undefended. A favorite of Lightworkers and Spiritual Healers, Archangel Michael can be counted on to recognize the energy of service, and come to the defense of those who are pure of heart, pure of intention, wiping away all obstacles to purposeful success. He lifts you up, and fills your energetic gas tank, with a boost of bravery, to complete your tasks with inner strength and determination!

Call on Archangel Michael when you are weary, fearful, feeling under attack, finding obstacles on your path, or just needing a helping hand through struggle or challenge of any kind. His powerful energy and ability to meet us at our energetic level swiftly, makes him an easy choice when needed! And you need only repay his assistance by being open to his messages, and paying it forward for another when the opportunity presents itself by sharing your spiritual lessons on Mother Earth.


Are you clairaudient? Do you hear things that aren’t there, or listen to your inner guidance through your hearing (ie. Songs, Voices, Ringing in the Ears)? Archangel Michael communicates well with those who are connected to their sense of Inner Hearing! If not, do not fret…he will connect with you on whatever level you are open to…but don’t be surprised if you’re clairaudience gets stronger, the more you call on him!

What fears are holding you back? Call upon Archangel Michael to clear away all obstacles and barriers, creating space for higher vibrations within you!

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How to Recognize Archangel Michael

We all receive messages and information from the Archangels in a very personal way. They attempt communication with us in various ways. Each person may experience their connection to an Archangel differently, but there are some common associations with each Archangel that you should be aware of.

Archangel Michael is often reported as being experienced visually, carrying a large, gleaming silver sword, sometimes enflamed with the fire of truth. Many have also seen him with wide, white wings, surrounded in a beautiful blue light. Others feel his energy – a strong, powerful, reassuring presence that invokes safety. Others still hear messages of encouragement, empowerment, and direction to follow, leading them through dark times into lighter days. However his energy is experienced, Archangel Michael is hard to miss!

Signs and Symbols of Archangel Michael

Can you say Synchronicity?! Archangels are desperate to find the simplest, most understandable way to communicate with you directly, because they WANT TO BE RECOGNIZED by you! For those of us who are knew to the archangelic world, we may overlook, mistake or dismiss signs from the angels. Here are some ways Archangel Michael will use to reach out to you directly to get your attention:

The Color Blue

You see the colour Blue everywhere! – an unusual number of blue cars surrounds you on your morning commute three days in a row, a blue jay makes a fly-by, all your clients are requesting blue for their projects or events, you see blue auras (light rings) around objects and people; these are just a handful of examples that require you to be open and aware that Archangel Michael and the angelic realm is trying to tell you something (often in a crisis).

His Guiding Voice

You are hearing a powerful, yet reassuring voice, offering guidance, either inside your head, or through people you trust around you. This often happens when you are focused on a fearful, overwhelming situation, or involved in a conflict, and are not sure how to handle yourself. Follow that voice’s guidance, as it is Archangel Michael and his band of Angels, offering protection and direction, and often a safe way out and through.

Calm Presence

You are overcome with a strong sense of calm and peace: “Everything is going to be ok.” Through your feeling sense, Archangel Michael can assuage your angst, creating space for him to work his “magic” within the situation, and manifest a miracle.


Feathers have a way of finding you! A feather lays on the sidewalk as you walk your dog. You see 3 or 4 feather bracelets or pictures throughout the day. An unusual number of birds cross your path. Archangel Michael, (and all the archangels), use feathers to remind you of his presence, and encourage you to observe your thoughts, or pay attention to the scene around you, in that moment. There is something there that is an answer to your request.

The Name Michael

You hear or see the name Michael an unusual amount of times in a short period of time. Archangel Michael is kind and compassionate, and really wants to reassure you in times of crisis or sadness or fear, and he will use ANYTHING to get your attention! Nothing is a coincidence – pay attention to repeat names, phrases, subjects, colours, or anything else that seems unusual to experience that often!

Déjà vu

Déjà vu! Archangel Michael uses this phenomenon to wake you up to something heading your way. Open your eyes and ears when Déjà vu happens to you – there is an important message, or heads up, for you to use to help yourself.

If you’re enjoying learning about Michael, explore my guide to Archangel Haniel: The Archangel of Intuition.

My Experience with Michael

There are many instances in my life where Archangel Michael has intervened on my behalf. For most of my early life, I chose to ignore my inner guidance and follow the opinions of others. This created many situations that put me in danger. On one such occasion, I found myself on the road in a freezing rain/black ice storm in Michigan. I had received many intuitive signals, including voices both within myself, and through other people, who advised me to stay put and cancel my plans, but I didn’t want to let the person I’d made plans with down.

As a result, I was taking an exit off of the interstate, and hit a patch of black ice. My car was completely out of control. There were several transport trucks, cars, light posts and guard rails that were in my direct path, and I had no way to avoid them, or they me. I thought I was going to die. I called out for Divine help in that moment, and while grasping the steering wheel, a sense of complete calm came over me – I knew everything was going to be fine. A presence I can only describe as Blue Energy overtook my hands, and the car was maneuvered inexplicably to avoid hitting ALL objects in my path. I ended up hitting a curb at the bottom of the ramp, after having missed no less than 9 other objects, and coming to a stop in the grass, out of the line of traffic.

Years later, as I began connecting with the archangels, and developing a personal relationship with them individually, I realized that Archangel Michael and his band of angels were the reason I am still here today to write this information. I am forever grateful for his swift intervention and removal of fear in those moments.

When in your life have you had Archangel Michael’s assistance?

Overcoming Fear 

Fear is the greatest human obstacle we face quote - The Black Feather Intuitive
From: The Archangel Experiment by Stacey Brown, The Black Feather Intuitive

Fear is a powerful emotion. As author and speaker Marianne Williamson suggests, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear. If you are not experiencing love, then you are experiencing a form of fear. Fear is the greatest human obstacle we face. It stops us from: accepting others as they are, making changes from old paradigms into healthier, more productive systems, collaborating versus competing, healing our planet and ourselves, and choosing happiness through the pursuit of our personal dreams despite “the odds”.

When asked what the world needs more of, most people’s stock answer is love. What the world really needs right now is COURAGE. Courage to make choices that require trailblazing, risk and uncertainty – “going against the grain” – to effect positive change and move us collectively forward into a happier, harmonious now. We don’t lack love. We need to uncover the Love that we already are! Peel back and remove the layers of buried, unexposed fears keeping us from realizing our true potential as humans. Instead of making the focus of protection around all our material things, we can be brave enough to protect ourselves from the influence of fear invading our personal peace and purpose. Archangel Michael’s specialty is to help us step out of our fears and into our personal power. Ask him to help you be your purpose and “Boldly go where no one has gone before”!

Meditation for Connecting with Archangel Michael

Okay if you made it this far – I have a treat for you! If you want to explore Archangel Michael’s guidance more deeply, find the courage to speak your truth, live your best life daily, or release fear in a more productive way, work with Michael now! Here is a 5-minute meditation to introduce you personally to Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael Meditation for Overcoming Fear:

Note: This meditation uses a Yoga mat for those of you who have one accessible.

Mountain Pose

Stand on your mat in a Yoga Mountain Pose. Adjust your spine in a straight line, up and down, close your eyes and connect with your breath. Relax into this stance. Feel your power center, your solar plexus chakra. Fill that area with your breath, allowing your abdomen to expand and contract fully. Allow the breath to first fill the belly, then the bottom of the lungs, middle of the lungs and top of the lungs. Then slowly release fully, emptying your lungs completely each time. Become your breath. Continue this for 1 – 3 minutes.

Warrior Pose

Now slowly and deliberately, move into Warrior Pose, remaining one with the breath. Feel strong and capable, a true leader, as you ground yourself into the pose. Allow your gaze to radiate power and strength, confident in your stance. As you breathe and are breath simultaneously, you experience a brilliant blue energy filling your space. It is Archangel Michael. Repeat out loud this intention: Hi Michael! I’m honoured to meet you! Please show me what true courage and fearless purpose is for me! I am an open vessel, ready to receive your generous guidance and powerful protection. And I am so grateful for your unfailing loyalty! Please show me the depth of my own power, and bravery, in a tangible, verifiable way now. Thank you for making it so!

If you wish, take this time now to add a personal intention for this experiment.

Michael’s energy fills every cell and every space between those cells with light. You are radiant! Take one last breath in and as you release the breath, release your Warrior Pose. Shake out your limbs, keeping your shoulders back and chest high. When you are ready to begin, sit or lay down on your mat.

The Archangel Experiment: Elevate Your Relationship with the Divine

I hope you enjoyed this exercise and found the meditation helpful. This meditation comes from my book, The Archangel Experiment: Elevate your Relationship with the Divine. In this book I provide many guided meditations (audio) and experiments that help you discover more ways to deeply connect with Michael. They help you access your intuition and use it to guide you to create a life free of fear, full of the courage to stand your ground, stand in your power, and enjoy the highest and best life you were born to live! Recordings of Meditations Included!

If you enjoyed learning about Archangel Michael and how you can benefit from getting to know him, check out my other posts on Archangels.

If you want to connect with the Archangels directly, you can contact me for a reading. Alternatively I offer FREE readings through Facebook Live on The Black Feather Intuitive page at 8PM EST Every Wednesday.

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