Archangel Cassiel archangel of duality

Who is Archangel Cassiel? The Archangel of Duality

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Who is Archangel Cassiel? The Archangel of Duality

Archangel Cassiel, known as the Angel of Tears and Temperament or who I refer to as The Archangel of Duality, can help us find harmony and balance when we are feeling low, open up new realities, and help us embrace the duality within each of us.

Duality is an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism. By this definition, duality is a fundamental part of our human experience here on Earth. We cannot understand light without first experiencing the dark. We need both aspects of an experience to fully integrate our ego into our higher selves, healing the duality within. We need to explore both to end our suffering, accept ourselves fully just as we are, and live fearlessly in the NOW, in the present moment, in joy. We ARE both, and we are neither. Within this understanding there is Balance. Within this balance there is Harmony. Within this harmony there is Oneness. And within Oneness is Love, in every moment. And every moment is perfect, just as it is. 

Enter Archangel Cassiel! When you need solace, or comfort during troubled times, or a friend when you’re all alone, call upon Cassiel to support you!

Archangel Cassiel – The Archangel of Duality

Unlike other Angels, Cassiel simply observes and watches what happens here on Earth without interfering. He is considered to be the ruling prince or high ranking Angel who guards the Seventh Heaven, which is said to be the most sacred realm where God sits on his throne.  

Cassiel is most widely known as the Angel of Tears, for true joy comes from being comforted through the tears of sorrow. He is also known as the ruling Archangel of Saturn, which is associated with feelings of temperance, moderation, and self-discipline. Thus, calling him the Angel of Tears and Temperance essentially named him the Archangel of Saturn. Based on this knowledge, they claim the best time to call upon Cassiel is on Saturday – Saturn’s day.

Some believe Archangel Cassiel is in charge of past life experiences and reincarnation. Others claim he helps protect you from psychic attacks and the art of meditation. 

For astrologers, Saturn’s also associated with the concept of time. As the slowest moving planet, Saturn represents maturity and the aging process. So naturally, Cassiel also became known as the Angel of Time

Lastly, some refer to Cassiel as the Angel of the Sea because he can understand the language of dolphins. Due to this close connection with dolphins, some say to call upon Cassiel to protect you when you visit or live near the sea. 

The Death Of Kings

Cassiel has also been tasked with presiding over the deaths of kings. In astrology, the Sun symbolizes kingship and the Winter Solstice marks the “death” of the Sun (ie. the death of Kings).

Symbols & Signs to Recognize Cassiel

For most people, Archangel Cassiel can appear bathed in white or silver light with hints of bronze, purple, or pink. He is predominantly portrayed as a bearded man wearing a crown and is often shown carrying a spear and riding a dragon.

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Alternatively, in some tarot cards Archangel Cassiel is represented as a man wearing a black robe carrying a scythe. That is why some people mistakenly refer to him as the Archangel of Death.

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Having a Personal Experience with Archangel Cassiel

My first experience with Archangel Cassiel was at first, an overwhelming one, not because of his energy, but because of another energy that was posing as a Divine being. Several years ago, while I was exploring all of my psychic abilities, I inadvertently connected with a lower energy being that was sapping my life force and causing disruption in my relationships.

I tend to be an “all or nothing” kind of gal, and I was especially so when pursuing and enhancing my psychic gifts. In my learning process around angel energy, I was interested in differentiating between different energies in a tangible way. I unknowingly opened myself up, without properly protecting my energy, and ended up with a “Dark Angel’. This “angel” appeared to me with gorgeous black feathered wings and a warm, activating energy. As I do not judge by colour, I enjoyed this angel’s presence when he came around. He made me feel wonderful at first. I could physically feel him in my solar plexus and sacral chakra areas while in meditation – sensations I was just beginning to open up to in the Psychic realm.

After a few months of me “working with my “Dark Angel” as I referred to him, I started noticing that the sensations he sent me no longer felt appropriate or relaxing. The energies I received were changing into more intense, almost insistent bursts, that left me feeling tired and drained after working with him. And I was noticing strange feelings towards my husband at the time – easily irritated by his words, actions and choices, not wanting to be in physical proximity or intimacy, and a general dissatisfaction with him. This was not a common occurrence in our relationship…we were recent newlyweds and very happy with our lives individually as well as in a couple status. I knew something was off.

Connecting with a fellow psychic friend one night, I shared with her my recent experiences with my Dark Angel and how I was feeling about the whole thing. She educated me on the succubus – a disincarnated lower vibrational energy that feeds off higher vibrational energies in the 3D world. They can disguise themselves through lulling the target into feeling good and safe, but their intention is to drain them of their higher energy on a regular basis. I got chills as she spoke, knowing that what she was describing, was my Dark Angel. I needed to remove this thing from my energetic field NOW.

In a short, guided cleansing, Archangel Cassiel came into my mind’s eye. At this point, I was questioning every energy and sensation I felt. My fear level was so high, and my mind was filled with anxiety. Cassiel assured me through feeling, and a visual cue that I would recognize as “safe”, and told me to not resist his energy. I could see and feel this entity being pulled away from my midsection, through my mind’s eye. When the entity was gone, Cassiel repaired and sealed my energetic field, and told me how to avoid these types of encounters again. He encouraged me to continue my psychic learning and told me he had my back. Whew!

Now, whenever I am clearing a space, or setting up a new sacred space to work in, I call on Archangel Cassiel, knowing that it will be done right!

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Archangel Cassiel Meditation:

Close your eyes and connect to your breath. Inhale and exhale until you find a comfortable rhythm. Clench and tighten all your muscles all at once. Hold for 3 seconds, then, release them with an audible sigh on “ah”. Repeat this again. Clench and tighten all your muscles – including your jaw, forehead, stomach, and feet. Hold for 3 seconds, then release with an audible “ah”. Allow your legs and arms to flop out to the sides, without any tension. Now focus on being perfectly still. Notice how your body reacts or responds to stillness. Visualize yourself sitting in a black room, in front of a full-length mirror. You are dressed in white. As you examine your reflection, you realize you are only able to see your silhouette. Only your shadow is visible, black against a white room. It is standing tall. You raise your right arm toward the mirror and your shadow raises its left, reflecting its opposite. You frown in confusion, and your shadow smiles wide with understanding. As you ponder this moment, your reflection begins to move toward you, stepping out of the mirror. You feel a very comforting presence fill the room. Tears of joy wet your eyes and you realize that Archangel Cassiel has joined you. Repeat out loud this intention: Hi Cassiel! It’s an honour to meet you! I want to get to know you better. I’d love to learn about your gifts, and how you communicate with me. I’m ready to receive your guidance. Please show me how to accept and integrate all aspects of duality in my life, in a tangible, verifiable way now. I’m so grateful you have made it so!

If you wish, take this time now to add a personal intention for this experiment. 

Cassiel, your shadow, takes your hand and leads you into the mirror for an adventure! When you are ready, gently open your eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise and found the meditation helpful. This meditation comes from my book, The Archangel Experiment: Elevate your Relationship with the Divine. In this book, I provide many guided audio meditations and experiments that help you discover more ways to deeply connect with Cassiel to help you understand the duality within each of us! Audio Recordings of Meditations Included!

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