Who is Archangel Ariel? The Angel of Mother Earth

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Photo: Kyle Gray’s “ANGEL PRAYERS” Oracle Cards

Who is Archangel Ariel? The Angel of Mother Earth

Let’s meet Archangel Ariel, the Angel of Mother Earth! She is most widely known for overseeing the natural world. She can help deepen your relationship with animals, natural elements like wind and water, and plants.

Being so entwined with Mother Nature allows Archangel Ariel to help us in grounding and connecting with the Earth in order to receive abundance and manifest physical desires. When you’re in need of a heart-felt connection from Earthly elements, call upon Archangel Ariel to assist you!

Archangel Ariel – The Angel of Mother Earth

Her name – Ariel – translates into “Lioness of God”. She often inspires others through nature, which can motivate people to care for the natural world in return. Some believers say Ariel will also give you courage to stand up for what you believe in or provide strength during tough times.

If you’re an animal or nature lover, you may find yourself closely surrounded by Archangel Ariel. She can help heal sick or injured animals and even help your plants to grow. Ariel has full control over the natural world, so she is wonderful for helping you to manifest material things. However, she supports our manifestations through grounding us to the physical Earth. The more connected and grounded we are, the more open we are to receiving our heart’s desires.

Ariel is also associated with mysticism and Gnostic Tradition to some. It is claimed she was present during the creation of the world and placed in charge of the winds. This is why she is so closely depicted as the Angel of Mother Earth.

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Symbols & Signs to Recognize Ariel

While most perceive Archangel Ariel as a female figure surrounded by pale pink light, some feel her in a soft light green energy. Her presence can be quite calming and loving to experience. It’s recommended to call upon her when you’re in nature, such as on a walk or while camping.

It is said that a rose quartz crystal can help you communicate with Ariel. Her energy corresponds most closely to pink light ray, so using rose quartz which has the same energy frequency can help to increase the experience.

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Having a Personal Experience with Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel was one of the Arch’s that alluded me at first.  I was very “in my head” at the time I was opening myself to their individual energies.  Time and time again, I invited her into my meditation, and never felt a connection.  I was confused and a little upset – I love animals!  I recycle like a mofo! Why isn’t she accepting my invite???

 Not connecting with her directly felt like I wasn’t good enough or doing enough for Mother Earth and I was somehow a disappointment. 

About a month into my Archangel exploration, I went on a silent retreat to the mountains.  I chose a very remote center where my room was open to the air and elements.  There was a communal restroom and several outhouses.  We were exposed and immersed fully into nature.  

One morning, I decided to embrace my inner Merlin, grabbed a walking stick, and headed into the forest.  Along the way, I encountered a beautiful brook with some larger rocks dispersed within it.  One was large enough to sit cross-legged and meditate.  I was inspired, and decided to do just that.

As I sat there, surrounded in the soothing sights and sounds of this breathtaking environment, taking it all in,  a gorgeous blue and yellow butterfly came over and landed on my right knee.  I was stunned!  I didn’t move, afraid to make a twitch that might scare it away.  

Then I greeted it, as I always do when I see a creature of the earth, and immediately received a download – an image in my mind.  Archangel Ariel has joined me in the form of this butterfly!  She didn’t speak to me with words.  Instead, she filled me with such unconditional love, and an energy of responsibility for my purpose.  My body was warm, “buzzy” all over, and I felt like I was glowing from the inside out.  

I sat in that meditative space for almost a half hour…and the butterfly NEVER LEFT my knee!  I knew Archangel Ariel had gifted me with a great honour.  Now, whenever I wish to connect with her energy, I get out into nature and enjoy the loving energy she shares!

To connect with Archangel Ariel for your own personal experience, check out the guided meditation below. 

Archangel Ariel Meditation:

Close your eyes and reconnect with your breath. Bring your breath deep into your belly, bottom of the lungs, middle of the lungs, then top of the lungs. Feel your chest cavity expanding gracefully with breath. Bring your attention to the bottoms of your feet. Imagine that you are standing in a beautiful clearing in the forest, your toes scrunching into the lush, carpet-like grass beneath your feet. Walk along the grass in circles, exploring the area around you, feeling how supported you are. To

your left, a stream of sunlight shines down through the trees, illuminating a figure coming towards you. It is Archangel Ariel. She is thrilled to join you on this journey to learn more about her and how she can guide you. Open your heart to her, and repeat this intention: Hi Ariel, it’s an honour to meet you! I want to get to know you better. I’d love to learn about your purpose, gifts, and form of communication with me & I’m ready to receive your guidance. Please show me the mysteries of Mother Earth in a tangible, verifiable way now. I’m so grateful you have made it so!

If you wish, take this time now to add a personal intention for this experiment. Ariel smiles and agrees. She invites you to follow her into the forest. When you are ready, gently open your eyes, and prepare to begin your adventure!

I hope you enjoyed this exercise and found the meditation helpful. This meditation comes from my book, The Archangel Experiment: Elevate your Relationship with the Divine. In this book, I provide many guided audio meditations and experiments that help you discover more ways to deeply connect with Ariel to help you find inner peace and harmony. Audio Recordings of Meditations Included!

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