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What is an Empath?

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Do you think that you are a highly sensitive soul? Can you sense when people are lying to you? Do you absorb others’ emotions, and feel drained in the presence of certain people and their low-vibe, toxic energy? Well, if all this resonates with you, you might be an empath. 

Being an empath myself, I know it’s difficult to recognize empathy as a gift. 

When you are an empathic being, you are highly aware and sensitive, which means you tend to overfeel. From somebody’s stress and anxiety to physical pain and sickness, you are likely to experience it all, which isn’t easy. Restlessness, depression, fatigue, confusion, and similar feelings seem to be your constant companion, and sometimes, all this can leave you overwhelmed. But then, there’s more to the story. If you learn to tame your empathy and use it as a psychic superpower, life can be truly blissful. You can find your connection with your higher self and channelize your pure-positive energy to uplift others and offer them joy, clarity, and peace. 

Today, I’ll share with you every detail that you should know about being an empath and how you can leverage this spiritual trait to its fullest potential. Let’s get started. 

Am I an Empath?

Empathy is a pure human emotion; a capacity where you are able to recognize the rush of emotions in other people to a higher-than-expected degree. As an emotional sponge, you are acutely aware of your surroundings and sudden shifts in the energies and tend to absorb other’s feelings without any conscious control. 

In addition to these, there are certain other telltale signs that may indicate that you are an empathic individual. 

You are the classic definition of an introvert

Introverts are people who are less expressive and more comfortable in their solitude. 

In contrast to bold and dominant personalities, introverts love spending time in seclusion, introspect, and create their own source of happiness. They have zero appetite for attention and endless chatter, and like focusing on their personal growth in silence. So if you think this is you, you are likely to be an empath. 

Crowds overwhelm you

Do you find it difficult to attend social gatherings? Or do large groups of people make you feel nervous? Do you find yourself seeking peace and composure when in a noisy party? Well, if you are nodding, you may be one of the empaths. You prefer 1:1 honest communication in an easygoing setting. If this is you, needing to remove yourself from large groups, just know you might be an empathic being. 

You are an easy target of emotional vampires

Have you ever noticed the pattern of attracting chronic talkers and emotional vampires? Do you hate being a magnet of chaos-makers and peace-sucking humans? If your answer is yes, you are probably an empath. 

It’s a fact that empaths unfortunately attract energy vampires and narcissists who leave them emotionally exhausted. You often fall prey to their victim stories and manipulations, and need to take some time off to replenish and recharge after an encounter with such negative people. 

Benefits of Being an Empath

You are intelligent and intuitive 

Empaths are highly intuitive. You are well-attuned to other people’s feelings and can often forsee into things that can potentially go wrong. 

Further, you love to be a part of conversations about intellect, cosmos, mindfulness, spiritual realms, compassion, and community. You are driven to emotionally mature and intelligent people who share your vibe and exchange healthy emotions at all times. 

You have a big heart

It’s a well-known fact that empaths are some of the most loving, generous, and kind souls people get to meet. You make the best of friends and ooze an ‘I’m there for you vibe’ to everyone who is in need of emotional support and kindness. Your selfless emotional availability makes you a favorite of many nice and like-minded people. 

You are an innate healer

An empath is an excellent listener who would go the extra mile to make you feel safe and comfortable. You are a true healer with a deeply caring nature. Being highly intuitive, you are able to understand what others are going through and suggest thoughtful solutions to create a positive impact. Your empathic abilities can make you a go-to person for people seeking peace and happiness. 

How to Tap Into Empathic Abilities

  • Stop seeing empathy as a passive skill – recognize the power of this trait and believe that it will help you live a more rewarding life
  • Practice meditation and mindful breathing to strengthen your empathy skills
  • Spend time with generous people and create harmonious relationships
  • Talk to an empath and seek insights 
  • Keep an attitude of gratitude
  • Love yourself and embrace your sensitive nature 
  • Spend time in and around nature
  • Attend a workshop to understand your abilities as an empath

How to Protect Yourself If You are an Empath?

As an empath warrior, you run the risk of attracting the sociopaths, narcissists, and other emotional criminals who take your empathy for granted. To avoid being their victim, it’s wise to make some conscious choices, including drawing clear boundaries and limiting your access to negative people. Here’s how I keep myself away from low-vibe creatures: 

Remove toxic people from your life

They say an educated empath is a narcissist’s worst nightmare!

To ditch the negativity and impact of highly stressful emotions, it’s wise to cut off people who are not in touch with their source energy. This means, people who constantly complain, spoil your thoughts, say foul words, or are simply mean should be kept away from your proximity. Stay conscious and don’t let people with low self-esteem and negativity mess up your life. 

Spend your me-time close to nature

Nature is all kind and beautiful, and it happens to be the solace space for empaths. 

If your external circumstances are making you emotionally drained or leaving you with physical symptoms like headache and increased heart rate, you can find calm in the lap of Mother Nature. Woods, soothing breeze, clear skies, water streams, and animals can comfort your jaded soul and replenish you to step back in your routine with relative ease. 

Befriend meditation and healing sounds

If you are an empath, meditation and sound healing should be a part of your everyday life to nurture yourself. It is proven that meditation can help you cleanse your energy and restore your emotional alignment. Your meditation practice can help you tap into the power of being a conscious empath and revel in the joy of living a healthy, clutter-free life. If you need help to get started, check out my free guided meditations.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to contact me if you are an empath and find it difficult to restore your energy because of a toxic environment. I’d love to assist you to steady your mind with spiritual work and realize the hidden power of being an empath. Book a session with me here for a detailed consultation.  

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