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Tips for More Effective Meditation

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Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where it felt like a perfect moment?  Where time seemed to stop, and you had no thoughts, just contentment? Or where you “zone out” for a while and don’t realize it until you come back…you don’t know where you went but you feel great? And then after reveling in this feeling, you have an “aha” moment, and hear, see, feel, or just know the answer to a problem you’ve been stuck on, or are inspired suddenly to do  something, make something, write something or go somewhere that brings you a little piece of happiness!  In moments like this, you are visiting your happy place!  You are meditating!  

Meditation is mental mouthwash that leaves you with a fresh perspective!  It clears your mind of clutter to make room for clarity, inspiration, inner guidance, peace, healing and joy.  It is finding, and being in, your Happy Place! 

Meditation is also an amazing way to achieve inner balance and harmony, find ones center and focus, and offers a plethora of scientifically proven physical, mental and emotional health benefits.  When most people think “meditate” they see a Buddha-like figure sitting cross-legged, fingers pinched, eyes closed, possibly chanting “om”.  While this method is relaxing and effective for some, it does not always hit the mark for all.   


There are multiple ways to find your center.  Here are some ideas to help you discover what form(s) of meditation really works for you, and move forward into creating Your happy place, your way, every day! 

Passive Vs. Active Meditation  

Commonly when we think of meditation, most people involve passive meditation. But both forms of meditation can be helpful, and I find doing both regularly gives me the best of both worlds! Try to experiment and see what feels and works best for you – we are all different.

Passive Meditation:

This simply means choosing a meditation type that requires little to no movement, or action.  It is sedentary and very relaxing. 

Tips for Effective Passive Meditation:

  • listening to calming music without words – can be classical, spa themed, or trance 
  • a Guided Meditation that takes your mind on a journey (my personal fav…it gives my brain something to focus on besides my racing thoughts) –  Click here to download one of my free guided meditations or try YouTube for a ton of options on subject matters and styles 

    Tips for Effective Passive Meditation:

  • Mindfulness – bringing your attention and focus to whatever is in your environment in that moment.  What are you wearing?  How does it feel on your body?  What sounds do you hear?  Zoom in to that sound and explore it for a while?  Do you smell or taste anything?  You get the idea.  Be slow and deliberate with your actions or inactions.  
  • Watching objects with repetitive movement, such as a Newton’s Cradle, staring into a candle flame.  Give yourself at least 10 minutes to quiet your thoughts. 
  • Drawing simple, repetitive patterns on a piece of paper or playing with sand or stones, like a Zen Garden.  Give yourself at least 10 minutes to quiet your thoughts. 

Active Meditation:

This is meditation that can be achieved during your everyday life, and through various forms of movement – Yoga is a great example of active meditation.

Tips for Effective Active Meditation:

Try –  

  • Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or other work out class that doesn’t require a lot of thought to perform the movement. 
  • Walking out in nature.  Time to breathe in fresh air to clear your mind, noticing the beauty in trees and flowers, communing with the birds and the squirrels, or whatever comes along your path to greet you, is an excellent way to find your happy place. 
  • Going for a run.  Many runners talk about “Runner’s High”, that space where their minds go blank and they become one with the pavement and the rhythms of their breath. 
  • Colouring.  There’s a reason why Amazon and Barnes & Noble have entire sections of Adult Colouring Books!  They give your brain a mindless task to focus on, allowing your thoughts to rest, inspiring creativity in a pleasant way. 
  • A Crafting project that has detail, or painting.  The point is not necessarily to make something pretty and perfect, rather to release the need for perfection and allow your inner artist to have fun! 
  • Mindless activities like washing the dishes, cleaning out the fridge, or organizing your closet.  It’s amazing how clear you can feel after zoning out with everyday tasks. 

Have fun discovering Your Happy Place! 

If you’re interested in finding more guided meditations you can check out my free meditations page. For custom meditations, please contact


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