An Awareness Journey: Leaping (Module 1)

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Leaping is designed to introduce you to 4 Archangels who will help you to work through the difficulties you may face when taking on a major life change.

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Leaping is the first of 4 courses in The Archangel Experiment: An Awareness Journey, focusing on supporting you through the fears, obstacles, challenges and opportunities you face when starting a new life chapter.  Beginning something new, like a lifestyle or career change, a move or a new relationship can be unnerving as we face the unknown or unfamiliar.  The Archangels are anxious to help you through this process, and that is exactly what Leaping is designed to help you do!

  • Fear & Self-Doubt Two things that plague most people when beginning a new journey are fear & self doubt.  Have you ever heard the saying:  Whether you think you can or can’t do it, you’re Right!    Let’s be honest… we all tend to focus on the reasons why a change WON’T work, instead of why it WILL work. The first experiment we do with Archangel Jophiel is designed to help you overcome these false, negative projections, and move past them.
  • Conquering CourageThe next step is exploring the courage needed to traverse your journey. Archangel Michael’s experiment is designed to help you find just that! Courage is SO powerful, and necessary to help you manifest your goals into reality.   
  • Life ReviewAs you generate and build on positive energy we will move onto a review of your life with Archangel Jeremiel.  As you look back at your experiences to date, and examine what works, and what doesn’t, learn exactly how you tick!   Knowing what serves (and no longer serves) you in getting where you want to be opens up potentials and possibilities you may not have explored before.
  • Personal PowerAs you conclude the first course, enjoy stepping into your personal power for the next leg of your journey. Meet Archangel Metatron and explore empowerment as you never have before by acknowledging and committing yourself to the ideal path for you.  Feel amazing as you set out to achieve your highest and best intention!

Getting to know my Arch’s has changed me in ways that I’m still processing … my approach to every situation now includes an awareness, an inner peace, knowing I’m supported with clarity, understanding, and freedom, and it all comes through me, for me, from within my Inner Guidance!    

I invite you to join me in a supremely unique opportunity to develop what may be the most important relationships of your lifetime!  Meet the Archangels on your terms, in your own way, and gain invaluable awareness on how you receive this Divine Guidance, so you always have access to their help.


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