An Awareness Journey: Growing (Module 2)

Growing is the 2nd step your Awareness Journey course, focusing on delving deep to discover the gifts earned through life experience.

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Growing is the second grouping of 4 courses in An Awareness Journey, focusing on delving deep to discover the gifts earned through life experience.  Release what no longer serves you, what holds you back from fully living your dreams!   Let The Archangels guide you through this exciting shift toward wholeness, and learn how quickly you Grow fully into an inspired you!

  • Exploring Grief Grief is one of the most challenging emotions humans face in their lifetime.  Whether it’s through death or loss, we have difficulty accepting drastic, life-altering change, and often internalize these experiences in ways that are detrimental to our forward momentum. The first experiment we do with Archangel Azrael is designed to support you in processing any residual grief (realized or unrealized), and free you to move forward with hope and vision.
  • Surrender & TransmuteThe next step is exploring the concept of Surrender, and how it can shift your emotional (and physical) outlook from heaviness to lightness.   Archangel Zadkiel’s experiment is designed to show you how to transmute past hurts, wounds, frustrations into Acceptance and Joy! Experience tangible results as you use your growth for the benefit of others, as well as yourself.
  • Healing the NowAs you become aware of and understand how past experience has helped you, we will apply this knowledge to your NOW!  Prepare to be wow’d by Archangel Raphael’s radical approach to current issues in your life, and how quickly they disappear.
  • Life PurposeAs you conclude the second course, explore your Life Purpose and make adjustments to your path, your way!  Meet Archangel Chamuel and realize how love permeates every aspect of your chosen journey, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.  You have the right to choose!   Bathe in this Arch’s love and light while feeling inspired and supported in going for your dreams.

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