An Awareness Journey: Creating (Module 3)

Creating is the third course in An Awareness Journey, focusing on learning to create for creation’s sake – co-creating your life AS you live it! 

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Creating is the third grouping of 4 courses in An Awareness Journey, focusing on learning to create for creation’s sake – co-creating your life AS you live it!   Creating is a Divine skill you’ve been given to live your best life.  Increase your awareness around how to apply this today!  Release what no longer serves you, what holds you back from fully living your dreams! Allow the Archangels to introduce you to the magic of Creating the best version of you!

  • Creative Communicating Communication with others can be fraught with misunderstandings, mis-steps and mishaps, yet all most of us really desire is to be listened to, heard, and understood. The first experiment we do with Archangel Gabriel is designed to explore communication with others with a creative twist, so that you can get to the heart of the matter and create an ideal outcome!
  • Co-CreatingThe next step is learning the ins and outs of how to successfully co-create in a group setting, as well as on your own, and receive tangible, verifiable results! Archangel Orion’s experiment is designed to show you how to harness and focus your  personal vision, and invite your spiritual guidance to assist in achieving it.  More hands make light work!
  • ManifestingDiscover your inner wizard with Archangel Raziel as you explore how to work with energy within and around you to your advantage! Think big for this one, and enjoy the process of creation that comes through you.
  • Mastering the ASKAs you conclude the third course, explore the ASK with Archangel Sandalphon.  We often forget to involve our angelic team in our lives, and they can’t interfere without our permission.  Learn how to reach out to them for everything – those tricky situations you’re unsure how to handle; heavy emotional energy or big life decisions; even getting that rock star parking spot when it’s raining!  Invitation and Formulation make all the difference in creating what you truly desire!


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