Winged Wisdom Oracle Reading

Oracle Reading Service

Oracle Reading (Video Service)

$55 per video

Using various Oracle decks, this reading explores the details of your week ahead, any energetic shifts that can affect your goals, and practical application tools to guide you through to the success you deserve. 

Once you book your session, I will tune in to your energy within 24 hrs, choose the deck that best suits you, and send you a custom video reading with your Divine Guidance, that you can watch at your leisure, and refer back to whenever you wish! These are available for download for 30 days (make sure to download, as it’s always nice to have the option of revisiting a reading!)  

And you’ll also receive a Feather Reading bonus with every session!


  • When you’ve got a big week ahead, professionally or personally
  • Anytime that you want insight on what your week looks like so you can feel empowered to move forward confidently.


"It makes me feel totally special to have my own personalized reading every week. I’ve been following your weekly readings as well as two others for a while now, but having it personalized just for me is so cool! I’m always getting nuggets of wisdom, things I’ve never heard of before, or thought of in quite that way from your readings, so I’m learning a lot in the process"
Kim Harders
"These readings are perfect! I love being able to receive them on the day of my choice. I also like that that you not only give a heads up about what might be coming down the pipelines for me this week, but also useful tips on how to handle it. This is such a unique service, and I plan to be a subscriber for a long time to come!"
Beverly Watts