Navigating the Spiritual GPS: Your Guide to Being Discerning with Intuitive Guidance

Navigating the Spiritual GPS: Your Guide to Being Discerning with Intuitive Guidance

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Hey, spiritual explorers! Have you ever received a nudge from your intuition but wondered, “Is that my inner guidance or just my inner chatter?” 

You’re not alone. 

Discerning between the voice of intuition and the voice of ego can be a bit like tuning into a radio station with some static. But fear not, we’re here to fine-tune your spiritual GPS and help you navigate your inner world with confidence.

Intuition vs. Ego: The Showdown

Imagine intuition and ego as two characters in your favorite buddy cop movie. They have distinct personalities and motivations. 

Your intuition is the calm, wise detective who gently offers insights. Ego, on the other hand, is the overzealous rookie who can be pushy and loud. 

To be discerning, you need to recognize these characters.

Mindful Moments

Here’s your secret weapon – mindfulness. This is like the Zen master who can tell the difference between a gust of wind and a subtle whisper. 

Spend a few minutes every day in quiet reflection.

Spend a few minutes every day in quiet reflection

Pay attention to the thoughts that float in. Intuition often appears as a soft, subtle knowing, while ego is like the overenthusiastic car salesman trying to close the deal.


Gut Feeling

Ever had a “gut feeling” about something? That’s often your intuition chiming in. It’s the sensation you get when something just “feels right” or “feels off.” 

Trust that feeling, it’s your spiritual Spidey sense.

Physical Reactions

Intuition can manifest as a physical sensation, like a gentle tingle or warmth. 

Ego tends to create tension or discomfort. Pay attention to your body’s reactions when you’re making a decision or receiving guidance.

Silent Mind, Clear Insights

Ego loves to chatter, while intuition is the strong, silent type. Your intuition often speaks in whispers, not lengthy monologues. 

If you’re overwhelmed with thoughts, try to quiet the mental noise. 

Once you silence the chatter, you can hear your intuition loud and clear.



Think of journaling as your detective’s notebook. 

Write down your intuitive insights and ego-driven thoughts. 

Over time, patterns will emerge. You’ll notice that the calm, wise detective (intuition) often gets it right.

Write down your intuitive insights and ego-driven thoughts

Trust the Outcome

Intuitive guidance tends to lead you to outcomes that feel fulfilling and right. Ego-driven choices might bring short-term satisfaction but leave a lingering sense of emptiness. 

Trust the aftertaste of your decisions.

Being discerning with your intuitive guidance is like developing a finely tuned radar for your inner world. Recognize the characters – intuition and ego – and pay attention to their distinct voices. Engage in mindfulness, listen to your gut, and observe your body’s reactions. 

Quieting the mind and journaling can also help. 

Ultimately, trust the outcomes, and remember, your spiritual GPS gets clearer with practice. Happy navigating!

With love and gratitude,


The Black Feather Intuitive

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