The Minor Arcana Suit of Wands Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Meanings: Minor Arcana Suit of Wands

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The Minor Arcana Suit of Wands, one of four suits in a tarot deck, is closely associated with the fire element. Fire is hot, unpredictable, full of energy, passion, and can be useful or destructive in nature, and it’s all about Spirit and Soul!  So, when you pull a suit of wands card pay close attention to your spiritual energy, life purpose, and creative potential. 

Let’s go deeper into the suit of wands tarot card meanings.

The Suit of Wands Meanings 

This particular suit cuts straight to your core! The suit of wands is all about your spiritual energy, your thoughts, desires, and consciousness. It can also represent your inspiration, ambition, behaviors, personality, true life purpose, drive, and passion. So, if you’re seeking out your true purpose or to find more meaning in your life and what makes you tick, keep an eye out for these cards during a reading.

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Ace of Wands 

This card represents new beginnings! Here you’re filled with excitement, inspiration, creativity, and a drive to fulfill your truest potential. Pay close attention to new ideas, distractions, or room for growth. 

Two of Wands 

The two of wands card offers us direction in terms of future planning, progress, discovery, and direction. It’s also about first connections and their potential. 

The two of wands tarot card

Three of Wands 

With the three of wands, you’re ready to put in the work! Get ready to expand, seek perspective, step into your leadership role. 

Four of Wands 

The four of wands may represent a feeling of joy or harmony, a celebration, establishing your role, or building of a community. 

Five of Wands 

This card closely represents a challenge, competition, conflict, or disagreement. Be prepared for scattered energy and tension!   Or choose a new focus!

Six of Wands 

Here you’re looking to break through the previous challenge victoriously! You may receive a boost of confidence, a touch of success, or public recognition. 

Seven of Wands 

With the seven of wands, you may be coming to another crossroad. Here you may experience another challenge, feel defensive or feel completely overwhelmed. 

Eight of Wands 

The eight of wands may jump in to offer you a release or swift change! Things could begin moving quite quickly and become fast-paced, so you can take necessary action. 

Nine of Wands 

The nine of wands may give you a test of faith to see how resilient you truly are. It’s a test of courage, persistence, and balance. It also highlights areas where control is an issue. 

Ten of Wands 

When you pull a ten of wands you’re feeling the weight and burden of your responsibilities as you fulfill your destiny! But, you may also be receiving rewards that come with your success.  What must you release to make room for the new?

Page of Wands 

The page of wands is filled with creative energy, inspiration, and free spirit! Time to explore new ideas and possibly redirect your energy to something worthwhile.  

Knight of Wands 

The knight of wands can be impulsive, passionate, adventurous, and full of energy. Get ready to take action and try being a bit spontaneous! 

the Queen of Wand tarot card

Queen of Wands 

Fill up your courage cup with the queen of wands! This card represents warmth, vibrancy, determination, confidence, and independence. Own your intuitive gifts!

King of Wands 

Fulfill your role of being a natural born-leader and focus on your true vision. The king of wands card will show you your passions and purpose with honor.

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