Minor Arcana Suit of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Suit of Swords: Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings Explained

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The Suit of Swords is primarily centered around the mind – logic, thoughts, consciousness, & intellect –  and represents a fine balance of dual knowledge and power. Just like a double-edged sword, its masculine energy can be transformative or destructive. 

If you’re searching for answers or if you’re in need of clarification, pay close attention when you see one or more of these cards in a reading. It highlights a delicate balance between intuition and logic that is best countered by the spirit (Wands) and emotions (Cups). 

The Suit of Swords is closely associated with the element of Air and the Zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Think of the wind constantly moving, yet silent and undetected. It can rage fiercely or move gently by a soft purifying breeze. With these cards, you can find clarity in your own mind or things going on around you. 

The Suit of Swords Meanings 

The Suit of Swords meanings represent decisions, positive or negative action, transformation, power, truth and/or clarity. Alternatively, it can correlate to mental blocks, confusion, anger, frustration, a lack of empathy or compassion, and verbal, emotional, and mental abuse. 

If you ever pull a Sword card dominant spread, the seeker is most likely looking to solve a problem or make a decision, or seeking to resolve a conflict or dispute. They may be experiencing strong arguments or conflicts at the time or even violence. The Suit of Swords cards offers strong messages that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, let’s dive into the individual Suit of Swords meanings for more clarity. 

Ace of Swords 

With the Ace of Swords card, you may be experiencing a new thought, idea, mental clarity, or even a breakthrough. It’s time to think outside the box to find a new perspective! 

Two of Swords 

The Two of Swords may highlight a difficult decision, a truce or stalemate, or confusion. Try your best to keep the peace here. 

Three of Swords 

The Three of Swords can represent sorrow, grief, heartbreak, betrayal, or separation. Let your mind wander for a bit and feel through the pain. 

Four of Swords 

You deserve a bit of rest! The Four of Swords offers relaxation, contemplation, recuperation, and meditation. A break from ”monkey mind” is needed!


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Five of Swords 

Conflict may arise with the Five of Swords! Be aware of the competition, conflict, physical altercations or abuse, as well as self-interest and power struggles. 

Six of Swords 

The Six of Swords can offer you some reprieve! Here you can find passage away from difficulties, recover from hardships, and release any unnecessary baggage. 

Seven of Swords  

The Seven of Swords may bring forth trickery or deception. Don’t try and escape responsibility or take what is not rightfully yours. 

Eight of Swords 

Be prepared for inner chaos! Here you may feel isolated, imprisoned, and restricted with LOTS of negative thoughts floating around. Stay strong! 

Nine of Swords  

The Nine of Swords may continue to bring forth anxiety, despair, nightmares, depression, and self-doubt. It is an opportunity to observe issues around the control in your current situation.

Ten of Swords 

With the Ten of Swords, you may experience deep wounds, painful endings, misfortune, ruin, or loss. This is part of the Phoenix cycle. Rebirth is necessary.

Page of Swords 

The Page of Swords is a card of patience. Let your curiosity lead the way as you reclaim your confidence, a thirst for knowledge, and a strong sense of purpose!

Suit of Swords Tarot Cards

Knight of Swords  

Are you ready for some adventure?! Here you’ll become ambitious, fearless, fast-thinking, and driven to succeed. 

Queen of Swords  

The Queen of Swords offers stability and organization. Set clear boundaries, be honest and pure with your intentions, and be direct when communicating what you want. 

King of Swords  

Find the strength to enforce and change the rules. With the King of Swords, you open up mental clarity, truth, authority, and intellectual power.

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