Free Meditations

Tree of Life Grounding Meditation

Here is a free meditation for centering yourself (grounding meditation) during times of stress, anxiety or just feeling unease. First time meditating? What you can expect is a relaxing journey to calm your mind and connect to Mother Earth, to give you focus and allow you to respond instead of react to life’s ups and downs.

For optimal effect this meditation should be done DAILY. Meditation has been shown to help relieve stress, improve focus / concentration, increase happiness and increases self awareness! These are just a few of the common side effects you can expect to have from practicing regular meditation exercises! 

Instant Vacation:
Creating Your Happy Place

Escape the hectic confines of your everyday responsibilities in this 20 minute meditation and step into your NOW.  Create the perfect dream getaway so that no matter where you are or what is going on, you can take a retreat and relax! 

Available on: iTunes


On Bumblebee Wings

Take a grounding journey through the garden of your body on Bumblebee Wings.  Build up your ability to respond vs. react, and remain calm and focused during your daily tasks.  And feel a euphoric peace when you need it most! 

Available for Streaming on: Spotify

On Butterfly Wings

Take a healing journey through your body and spirit on Butterfly Wings.  Feel peace, joy and bliss as you reconnect with your true nature – re-establish balance and harmony – with the healing power of breath and music.

Available to Stream on: Spotify

Archangel Michael Meditation

A meditation to help you connect with Archangel Michael to find courage & overcome your fears! 

On Phoenix Wings

Explore the freedom that change can bring on this transformative journey of the Phoenix.  Feel empowered to move forward with confidence no matter what your circumstances are! 

Available on:   iTunes

Dream the Magic Within

This meditative night sky journey uses your children’s imaginations to calm their minds and set them up for pleasant dreams as they prepare for a healthy night’s sleep.  Don’t be surprised if your children start asking to go to bed early so they can experience the magic within every night!    

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