Intuition Retreat Meditation Box

Intuition Retreat Meditation Box

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Check out this collab The Black Feather Intuitive has created with Basic Purity!  If you’re curious about your psychic abilities, try out this Intuition Retreat Box!

We are all born with Intuitive gifts. For some, these gifts are fully activated at birth and come to them very naturally. For most of us, our gifts require practice to develop them fully, understanding how they work for each individual. The items in this box are all tools that can help you to explore your intuition so you can gain confidence in learning about your unique primary modes of receiving inner guidance.

Scan the QR code to access and play the guided meditation: Intuition Retreat

Relax, listen and enjoy! 

Note: The Intuition Retreat Meditation Box was created in partnership with Basic Purity, and is sold through their site. Clicking Buy Now, will open their site in a new window.


  • Meditation Roll-on: Uplifts your vibration so you can tune into your intution, higher self, your angels and guides.
  • Amethyst Stone: Amethyst activates spiritual awareness opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. It has strong healing and cleansing powers.
  • Purple Candles: Purple helps with psychic abilities, spritual awakening, and enhances intuition.
  • Palo Santo Wood: Is a wood commonly used for clearing misfortune and negative thoughts while sealing in positive energies.
  • Purple Feather: Using a feather allows you to connect with the Creator, and helps cleanse your energitic field and space for scared time.
  • Pad & Pen:  To write down what you have discovered from your Intuition Meditation Retreat.
  • QR code: To access the Retreat Meditation.
Intuition Retreat Meditation Box interior items