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How to Tell If You Are Psychic?

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Have you ever felt like you knew something that you had no way of knowing? Do you feel like you receive messages from a spiritual realm or higher plane? You might be wondering how to tell if you are psychic?  It is not easy walking the path of a psychic. But, this guide will help you through your first steps to discovering your true self.

Welcome, my spirit community. I’m Stacey, The Black Feather Intuitive!   I’m a Psychic-Intuitive, Angel Energy Medium, an Empath and Empowered Living Advisor. I tap into energies and help my clients to receive and develop a greater awareness of their Divine Guides so they can live their most authentic life. My mission is to help people understand and accurately interpret the meaning of synchronicities and get direct insights to discover their true spiritual and energetic potential. 

I embraced and honored my psychic gifts several years back, and the journey wasn’t an easy one. My heightened sense of intuition and ability to channel guidance from other dimensions were both thrilling and overwhelming experiences all at the same time. And now when people reach out to me with the question: “How can I tell if I am psychic? I think I might be, but how can I be sure?”, I get their anxiety, confusion, curiosity and wonder, and resonate with their whirl of emotions. Let’s face it – it’s not an easy thing to admit to people that you are having visions or hearing voices, or that your dreams or feelings and sensings are oddly coming true all the time.  Many see these experiences as a sign of mental illness.  

“I MUST be going crazy…” 

Well I’m here to tell you that you’re not!!  There are reasons why you are receiving these experiences.  And it’s always a good idea to do a deep dive within and discover what these tangible and intangible moments are telling you. 

6 Signs That You Are a Psychic Medium

Many budding psychic mediums on the cusp of opening to their gifts, and their innate spiritual abilities, doubt their inner power. They frequently contact me to learn if they are gifted with psychic skills, and if yes, how can they use their powers to help themselves and others in these ever-changing times. 

If you can relate, and want to know if you have access to the spectrum of various psychic abilities yourself, this blog will be a great beginning reference. Here are some key points to consider that should help you assess your intuitive traits, find your purpose, and embrace your own journey through the spiritual realm!  Now, here is 6 signs you are psychic.

1) You Experience Deja Vu, Many Times

In French, “deja vu” means already seen.

Do you often get that feeling that you’ve been in that exact moment or lived a particular event before? Do you find a strange, unsettling feeling that you have a familiarity with the situation you are living now, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? If you can relate, it’s a likely possibility that you are experiencing one of the first signs of being a psychic medium. The phenomenon occurs when your soul is able to recognize a particular memory or moment from the Universal Consciousness or your Akashic Record and tries to establish the connection of the past with the present. It’s saying: Pay Attention!  There’s something important for you to know here.  Or there is something here you have the opportunity to fix or do over.

2) Tingling sensations or Colours in Your Mind Around Your Third Eye

The third eye (aka pineal gland) is the focal point of intuition. It’s located between your eyebrows, just a little higher on the forehead. When this pea-sized gland is activated you may feel some kind of strange sensation/tingling there. This means you are open and connected to Source, have access to Universal Wisdom, and are about to embark on a psychic journey. Or you may get a “lightshow” in your mind’s eye, full of colors and impressions.  This is a sign that your chakras are opening up to receive psychic signals. 

3) You Have Very Vivid Dreams and Waking Visions, That Often Come True

 Are you seeing a lot of vivid dreams lately? Are you able to revisit even the minutest detail of the dream, including the numbers, colors, smells, and more? Do you have a similar kind of dream or vision multiple times and can’t say why? Well, if all this sounds familiar to you, you are probably receiving messages and information from another realm through your psychic powers!  These dreams can be a message from the other world and have hidden meanings like birth, prosperity, illness, new beginnings, prophecy, and so on. 

4) You Are An Empath and Hyper-Sensitive to Negativity, Noise & the Emotions of Others

Many psychics are also true empaths – they can feel and absorb the emotions of the people around them. Being emotionally tuned in to everyone and everything around you, having a strong sense of empathy for another person’s physical and mental pain, is often a definite indication that you are psychic. You can also access this type of wisdom and guidance when you learn to open up to it.  Illness, grief, distress, trauma, and negativity of others both in your inner circle and those you encounter at random can increase your hyper-sensitivity. If you aren’t careful, this intuitive empathy, and the energetic characteristics that accompany it, can take a toll on you and impact your peace of mind.

If  you’re looking for tips on how to protect yourself and your energy from being drained, and make your empath abilities working for you, rather than against you – check out my video on it below:

For psychics, it’s unhealthy for you to be in the company of negative people, situations, or places too long. Watching news, gossiping, and communicating with people stuck in “victim mentality” can drain you of much-needed energy instantly.  And it won’t be refilled easily.  Instead, seek out calm and restful (or inspirationally energizing) positive people and places. This is where you will know your energy is well-received and reciprocated with joy and warmth. 

5)You Have Strong Gut Feelings or “Knowings”

That’s right – a psychic is gifted with heightened instincts. From sensing imminent trouble to making a wise life choice that seems odd to many, a psychic can use their intuitive senses to stay in divine protection. It’s like they get a warning from the universe that something is off. This allows them to move in another direction to sidestep dangerous or unwanted paths. If you also happen to get that sixth-sense vibe often, just know the universe might be showing you a psychic ability to explore and expand on! 

6) You Have Extra-Sharp Senses

Do you hear even the quietest of noises? Can you smell some mystical, divine scent that no one else can? Do you happen to see faint, fleeting things from the corner of your eyes? If yes, these are subtle yet important signs that suggest you may be a psychic. 

Psychics are gifted with heightened extra-spectral sensations. Their senses are strong, and they can often use telepathy, psychometry, clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling, claircognizance (clear knowing),)and more to establish a connection with others and further fine-tune their psychic abilities. 

I hope this was helpful for you. Being a psychic myself, I know embracing your psychic abilities can take a little time. Life-like dreams, unexpected sounds, spectrums of dazzling lights and colors or outlines, and other signs might follow you. Rather than ignoring them, it’s wise to learn about them and discover your psychic superpowers to live a purposeful life. They are within you for a reason!  Why not find out why?

With patience and guidance, you can channel your inner power and use your psychic skills consciously. If you need assistance to identify your intuitive qualities, feel free to connect with me. I’m happy to help you identify your psychic superpowers and help you explore your full potential. 

Keep following The Black Feather Intuitive for more insightful posts. You can also book a session with me here to explore your psychic abilities. 

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  1. Marcovigil

    So I’m not sure if I’m psychic but definitely I have some like either 2 minute or 30 second or sometimes even longer intuition I hear things that people are going to tell me about something

    1. Giselle

      you’re not psychic it’s a weird conclusion and its part of the different breed, it’s a glitch that floats in your body, and it allows you to hear people telling you what u are and whats your breed, psychics or unknown, if you hear a beep once you’re unknown twice is psychic

  2. Giselle

    I’m not sure if this is part of psychics but I have been waking up in the middle of the night and then I see rainbow lights running around the room, and when I close my eyes I just see a portal and I’m walking in it and it leads me to a crystal ball, and I go in it and then I just see flashing lights and then sleep.

  3. Sam

    I’ve had a very strange experience recently: I was headed toward North Carolina and I had something screaming inside of me that a baby was on the side of the road and in danger. It disturbed me so much that I had a panic attack over it and called my fiancée. I looked tonight (it’s been a few weeks) and a baby was found on the side of the road in North Carolina, not as young as I was imagining, but a baby nonetheless. I’ve had strange occurrences since I was little. I’ve always heard strange sounds and felt presences, but most notably, I would use my Beanie Babies to look into their eyes, and in their little clear bead eyes I would see rainforests and cities and all sorts of places. It almost felt as though I was transported to these places. I had always chalked it up to imagination and have never really shared this with anyone. I feel crazy, but after some research, I feel like I want to explore more about what this is. I have empathic abilities, and I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve had them, but I’ve had them since I can remember. I shut myself off to all of this, because I’m a pretty logically driven person, but it’s getting to the point where I need to know if I’m crazy. If anyone who can help sees this, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

    1. Stacey Brown

      Hi Sam!

      Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your experiences. You are not crazy – just psychic. When these events happen, it can be scary and isolating. I would be happy to help you out. I have several clients that I coach on exploring their psychic abilities. It makes a difference when you understand why you receive what you do, and how to work with the information you get.

      Right now I work one on one with clients. I am planning on offering a workshop to learn how to work with and enhance your abilities later on this year (date TBA). If you would like to get started now, please book a 60 min Profound Experience and we can tap into what’s going on and decide on a forward course of action together.

      Here is a link to my online scheduler, complete with pricing & availability: PLEASE NOTE: All sessions booked will be via Video Chat or Phone Call. I look forward to connecting!

  4. Robert

    I was sitting on my couch with my cat. No one else home. On my staircase a young man appeared, early thirties wearing a white T shirt and blue jeans. He paused at the bottom of the steps , never looked at me, like he was stuck at a red light waiting to get the “ok” to go. After a brief time he sped off the steps and turned to his right and quickly disappeared going towards the kitchen. My cat reacted very alarmed at his movement and I exclaimed “ you saw that too Kitty!” Just then a shadow blocked out the overhead kitchen light as if whatever it was went up towards the kitchen ceiling . I am sure that it wasn’t a ghost. I think the young man was from a different dimension than ours.

  5. Lisa

    When i was teenager. I had dreams and they came true. I would tell my mother about my dreams. I did play with oujia board, white magic and cards. But I was looking for good. Lately, I’ve been hearing things, seeing a spirits and smelling things around me. My boyfriend’s bother pass away. But I see him hanging around at the house. I feel negative energy and I feel sadness. At times I wonder why me

  6. K

    I don’t know if I’m a medium or not I have these weird things happen to me. When i close my eyes most of the time I see colors and faces and I hear them talking but I don’t know who they are. I have also seen a shadow like figure for a while. I don’t always see these things but I can sense them and feel there energy and I have always been told I know way to much for only being 17 I feel this is not my only life I have lived there’s so much I can’t explain but I just want answers to what is going on. I don’t wanna say my name but I will but a letter. K

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