Ground, Guidance & Grow

Group Meditation & Psychic Reading

$25 per person (12 max.)

Join me for a very powerful evening of meditation & Divine Guidance to set an inspired tone for your month ahead!

I find it is always the best practice to set my intention at the beginning of every month to have a direction for how I want it to go. And it is equally important to review it at the end of the month to see what worked & what didn’t – to help better prepare for the ups & downs of our daily lives. It provides guidance & purpose so my actions are primarily directed toward my intent. 

Ground, Guidance & Grow is based on this principle! Here’s how it works: As we gather together online, through an Oracle Card draw our Divine Dream Teams give us the theme for the evening. (Last month we pulled Divine Healing, which then became our focus for the month.)

Once we have the topic, I channel a guided meditation exploring our theme to get us grounded. After we have been sufficiently grounded, it’s time for the guidance! You will receive your own channeled message to apply the theme to your month ahead.  After the event, the growth is up to YOU!

This event takes place the first Thursday of every month.

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If you require more information before booking a session please consult our FAQ page or you can contact me directly via phone/email.