Thank you for interest in booking a session with The Black Feather Intuitive! Here are a few common questions people have before selecting a session:

In preparation for your session, I create a safe, open, peaceful space, and meditate for 15-30 minutes, connecting my energy to yours. Once I am tuned in, I am able to connect with both of our Divine Dream Teams to help you find the truth & guidance you are seeking. I am often guided to use Tarot Cards or Feathers to give visual representation of the messages I am receiving.

For more detailed information on the process, please view the video below:

Everything that is shared during your experience is completely confidential. (I’m an Ordained Spiritual Advisor with the Universal Life Church so I really mean it!) And, as I am a colourful person, leading a colour-outside-the-lines life, there is no place for judgment of others in my space! No matter the issue, I’m here to support you for your highest and best.

To book a session, please visit the Readings Page; and click the booking button below your desired Reading Experience or alternatively click “View Schedule & Pricing” to view all appointment types in my Scheduler.

Once you are in the scheduler scroll down to “Reading Experiences” – please note sessions must be scheduled a minimum of 2 hours in advance:

  1. Select the type of a Reading Experience you would like
  2. Select your Time Zone
  3. Select Date, and an available time.
  4. Fill out the intake form to help me prepare for your appointment
  5. Click “Pay Now”, and your all set!

You will get a confirmation explaining exactly what to expect.

Sometimes, life happens while we are busy making plans! To honour and respect your time, and other clients’ time, please understand that cancellations for standard sessions made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full amount.

Cancellations can be done online using the booking confirmation e-mail.

Party/Group Session Cancellations must be done 72 hours in advance or deposit will be forfeited.

Remote Psychic Readings:
○ Over the Phone Psychic Reading
○ Online Video Readings: Facebook Messenger, or Face-time

In Person Psychic Readings:
○ At My Office in Morrisville, NC

For some people, only one session is needed to get the heart of the matter. Others find they prefer to check in often to see what guidance I can offer and ensure they stay on purpose. Depending on what comes up in the first reading, I may recommend that you schedule a further session once you’ve had an opportunity to process the information you’ve been given.

 You may be interested to know that 90 percent of my clients do book a follow up session. Most go on to have three or more. Many book recurring sessions.

You are in luck! After the first few years of being in business I realized many clients love having 30-60 minute sessions (some even request longer) – BUT, some clients just need a QUICK check-in, or have an EASY question that doesn’t require that much time & prep. So I crafted two different options to address this:

  1. Guidance on The Go (Psychic Readings via e-mail):
    Have a quick question you’d like clarity on or validation about before committing or moving forward but don’t have time for a full reading? This option allows you to ask 1-3 questions via e-mail and I will respond within 24 hours.
  2. Winged Wednesday (FREE Facebook Live Reading Session): I set aside 30 minutes every week to connect with my Divine Dream Team, and answer any questions you have. I try to do as many as possible through random selection but at minimum I always do 3. If you want to be a part of it, connect with The Black Feather Intuitive on Facebook and tune in 7PM EST on a Wedensday and you can direct message me the question before, or ask live.

To maximize your session, please consider preparing a list of 2-3 issue-specific questions prior to your scheduled appointment. While it is not required, it is often helpful to highlight your area of focus initially for direct guidance on your issue(s).

In-Person Sessions:

I provide filtered water, as well as paper and pens so you can write down any information you wish to take with you. Feel free to bring an audio recording device if you wish to record your session. No Video Please!

Remote Sessions:

Based on your intake form, I will contact you promptly at your scheduled time using the phone number or Facebook Messenger ID you provided. Feel free to audio record your session if you wish. No Video Please!