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How to Nourish Your Body & Mind with the Earth Star Chakra

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Do you ever feel the need to walk around barefoot? I mean really dig your feet and toes into the earth? 

When you’re being called to ground yourself and connect your energy to the earth to find balance and clarity, you’re working with the Earth Star Chakra! 

What is the Earth Star Chakra?

Not only does the Earth Star Chakra (Vasundhara) have the ability to connect us to Mother Earth – Vasundhara, the Sanskrit name for Earth Star Chakra, literally translates to “Daughter of the Earth” – but it’s said to connect the flow of energy throughout your entire chakra system, as well as with galactic energies. Some also believe it’s the foundation that connects you to past lives and to all of humanity. This universal connection is what offers us a stable foundation and beneficial healing grounding properties. 

The Earth Star Chakra is not part of the 7 primary chakras located inside of the body. This sub-personal chakra, also known as the “super root” or “chakra zero”, is located about 12 inches below your feet and beneath the Root chakra. 

How can the Earth Star Chakra Help You? 

Since this chakra can be found beneath your feet, it makes sense that its energy draws a deep connection to the earth’s core. Allowing you to find mindfulness, self-awareness, and focus. An unbalanced chakra can make you feel off-balanced, overwhelmed or anxious, and out of touch with your surroundings. 

If you’re ever feeling anxious, moody, or depressed, you can dispel that negative energy through grounding practices to draw in the positive energy that Mother Earth has to offer you in its place. By doing so, you’ll find balance, calmness, and feel replenished with a sense of connection to the Earth and all living things.

An individual connecting with the Earth Star Chakra

Recognizing Earth Star Chakra Colors & Symbols

Like the color of the Earth, the color most closely associated with this energy is metal, copper, black, or brown and can contain hints of red or magenta shadowing over it from the Root chakra. The darker the color the more unbalanced this chakra may be. If it’s more balanced it may appear more red or magenta in color. 

The Merkaba, the symbol of Star Tetrahedron, is said to represent the Earth Star Chakra. This symbol or geometric shape, illustrates our pursuit of connection, spiritual growth, and can offer us protection during ascension.

How Do We Activate the Earth Star Chakra?

With its effective grounding and healing abilities, the Earth Star Chakra can be beneficial to anyone seeking nourishment, clarity, and balance. Here are a few ways to activate and open this chakra. 

Grounding or Earthing

Get outside! One of the most important things you can do to open this Chakra is to come into direct contact with the earth, also known as grounding. Take a conscious walk barefoot in the grass, sandy beach, or dirt to really feel the Earth beneath you. It also helps to deepen this practice by taking deep breaths while sitting or standing to connect with Mother Earth.    

Grounding Meditation

To further deepen your connection, try meditating while out in nature by sitting in a lotus position (or whatever feels comfortable to you), closing your eyes, and visualizing the energy flowing through your entire body and deep into the Earth.

An individual practicing grounding meditation and affirmations

If you’re enjoying learning about the Earth Star Chakra, explore my guide to Understanding the 12 Chakra System


Another great way to deepen your practice is to make use of affirmations. For the Earth Star Chakra, try using this affirmation when you are having a moment, and you need a reminder to shift, or simply repeat it three times daily to rewrite your neurons and reprogram the mind!

I am a Divine Being of Light having an embodied human experience. I

honour my body’s purpose as a vehicle through which I express my

purpose in the physical, through intentional self-care and active

alignment. My body is continually nourished in all ways that support

connection with mySelf and Source, and I am grateful for my life.


Make use of darker crystals, like blacky onyx, tourmaline, or obsidian, to help clear or activate the energy of the Earth Star Chakra. 


Certain yoga poses and foot reflexology sessions can also assist in activating your chakra energy. Try Tadasana, the Mountain Pose, by standing upright with your feet together, knees slightly bent, and your hands and palms facing forward. Breath deeply and close your eyes if you can for a few minutes. 

Finding balance in everyday life can be difficult. Take time to connect and open your chakra to nourish your body and mind. Through this practice, you’ll start to notice more balance, calmness, joy, and stability in your life.

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