an awareness journey

Welcome to Enhancing the Archangel Experiment, An Awareness Journey. 

This course is designed to help you develop a deeper connection and relationship with 16 Archangels. By the end, you will have a deepened connection, and a ritual practice you can use to connect with them on a regular basis to help you as needed.

The course is split up in four parts, and designed to help you:

overcome self-doubt


manifest your dreams

embrace your truth



Leaping is the first of 4 courses in The Archangel Experiment: An Awareness Journey focusing on supporting you through the fears, obstacles, challenges and opportunities you face when starting a new life chapter.  Beginning something new, like a career change, a move, or a new relationship can be unnerving as you face the unknown or unfamiliar.  

The Archangels are anxious to help you through this process, and that is exactly what Leaping is designed to help you do!


Growing focuses on delving deep to discover the gifts earned through life experience. Release what no longer serves you, what holds you back from fully living your dreams!   

Let The Archangels guide you through this exciting shift toward wholeness, and learn how quickly you grow fully into an inspired you!


Creating is a Divine skill you’ve been given to live your best life.  Increase your awareness around how to apply this today!  Release what no longer serves you, what holds you back from fully living your dreams! 

Allow the Archangels to introduce you to the magic of Creating the best version of you!


Embracing focuses on giving you the spiritual tools and support to enhance your life journey.  Integrating advanced concepts and modalities is a powerful, enlightening experience requiring bold, yet gentle steps forward so you can fully live your highest and best life, in your own unique way.  

Your trusty team of Archangels is here to support you and help guide the way!