If You correct your mind the rest will fall into place - Lao Tzu Quote

If You Correct Your Mind, The Rest of Your Life Will Fall Into Place

“If you correct your mind the rest of your life will fall into place” is one of my favorite Lao Tzu quotes. It brings to mind a habit I am often guilty of getting caught up in. My husband is a very private person, and tends to keep his thoughts to himself unless invited to share. I’m the polar opposite. I am very open with my feelings and experiences because talking about them is a big part of my process. So when he and I are having a disagreement, or there is something brewing under the surface that hasn’t been identified, and he isn’t sharing, I tend to fill in those blanks with monkey mind filler. I come up with possible feelings, thoughts, and motives for his side of the equation, that may or may not be based in actual fact.

When we do finally get around to talking about it, I typically discover that at least half of my monkey mind tangent about where he is on the issue is so far off the mark. I’ve put words in his mouth that were never there, or worse, villainized him for no good reason. The reality is so much less intense and more loving than my mind made things out to be.

My mind creates chaos where there isn’t. My mind is doing more work that it’s designed to. It thinks it needs to micro-manage my heart and soul. Its’ real purpose is to support the heart and soul, the place where my true self, the essence that is Stacey resides.

So every day this week, I am sending my mind on vacation! It needs a break. And with my mind out of the picture, I’m excited to see what magic unfolds for me! Care to join me?

If you need help calming your mind – I have designed a free guided meditation titled “Instant Vacation: Creating Your Happy Place”, please feel free to download it & I hope it helps send your mine on the vacation it so dearly needs!

With love & gratitude,

Stacey, The Black Feather Intuitive

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