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The Archangel Experiment

Skip the middle man and get connected directly to your own private League of Luminaries! Like Star Trek’s com badges and universal translator, or today’s obsession, the smart phone, The Archangel Experiment offers you your own personal hotline to angelic wisdom and guidance. No matter your issue, there is at least one expert Arch who can help!

Have you wondered about who the Archangels are and what purpose they serve? You might be surprised to learn that they fulfill their purpose by helping you fulfill yours! Many books have been written on these fascinating, mystical symbols of the Divine, relating history, stories and folklore, with the occasional prayer or mantra thrown in for good measure. Rarely do these books offer a clear, viable road map or toolkit for really getting to know them on a first name basis, and learning how they can help you directly.

The Archangel Experiment is a Divinely inspired set of experiments (guided meditations, creative analysis, movement, hands-on craft options, and group experiments) designed to allow you personal access to 18 Archangels, including a free download of over 30 recorded guided meditations to accompany your experience. Develop your unique relationship with each of them in a way that works for you. You’ll never be left wondering where to turn to for assistance again!

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Teen Superpower IG

Wouldn’t it be great if you really had a fairy godmother or an all-knowing genie to give you important guidance, a heads up, and words of wisdom when you need it most?

o Like applying for college when you aren’t sure which career to major in?
o Or which cute guy or girl you should date?
o Or whether you will get that part time job?
o Or how to work out a disagreement and still stay friends?

Yeah…fairy godmothers and genies would be awesome to help with your choices!! If only… Guess what? YOU DO!!! Meet your IG (aka Inner Guidance)!

In this book, The Black Feather Intuitive makes introductions a breeze through hands-on exercises, so you can develop a life-long friendship with your IG for all your life choices, through Tarot! Tarot cards are an amazing tool for getting to know yourself, the real you. They give you a visual, tangible way to talk to and understand that little voice in your head or feeling in your gut, and help you build trust and confidence in making choices that are right for you! And it’s just plain cool!

Are you ready to meet your IG? Stacey Brown, The Black Feather Intuitive, has worked with teens and young adults as a PSW, Voice Teacher and Life Coach for over 25 years and truly enjoys empowering them to embrace the amazing people they already are! Sharing in her love of tarot and oracle cards as a tool for Inner Guidance is just another extension of this passion. Her easy-going, patient, fun and judgment free approach to learning will have you feeling confident in your own abilities in no time!

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