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Who is Archangel Zadkiel? The Archangel of Surrender

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Many people know Archangel Zadkiel as the Archangel of Mercy.  I experience this Archangel as the Angel of Surrender.  When I find myself doubting my choices, or resisting what life brings, I call on Zadkiel to set me straight and show me the best way through.  Zadkiel’s energy helps me heal from an overbearing ego when I get caught up in self-sabotaging thoughts around my choices. There are no mistakes in life, only choices & experiences.  It is up to us to learn from them to bring us forward into the growth we came here to earn. Zadkiel’s wisdom offers tools to release our guilt, remorse or attachment to them.  There are ways to confront the faults of our past and emerge stronger than before. People can connect with Zadkiel to help them strengthen their connect with God/Source and explore the concepts of mercy and forgiveness through Surrender. Once this first step towards healing is made, people can move forward with healthier habits for mind, body, and soul.

Archangel Zadkiel – The Archangel of Surrender

Archangel Zadkiel, which means “Righteousness of God,” is known by many as the Archangel of Mercy. Mercy and Forgiveness are road signs that point us toward our ultimate destination – Freedom. Freedom can only truly be achieved by accepting life on life’s terms, and working with what is in front of you now.  This is Surrender. Surrender requires acceptance of what IS, rather than an expectance that things need to be different. When we accept what is in our NOW, then we can find our way clear through the fog, release what isn’t serving us, what isn’t a priority, and get through to the other side of the situation, into growth and self-awareness.  Zadkiel loves to share his energetic insight with those feeling the need for mercy, or are struggling to forgive past hurts and emotional wounds that continue to fester.

Knowledge is power.  Facing what is right in front of you, head-on, while intimidating or scary at times, gives you a feeling of peace and choice on how to handle yourself and your next steps forward. This is Freedom. This is Zadkiel’s wheelhouse!  Zadkiel teaches spiritual lessons to those seeking freedom from the pain gained through their choices. By helping you connect with God/Source, Zadkiel provides a path to divine forgiveness. Archangel Zadkiel also encourages people to forgive those who have wronged them, empowering them to choose forgiveness over resentment or punishment, leading them into a freer state of being.

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Growing & Learning Life Lessons

We have all done things that we come to regret. As I said earlier, there are no mistakes!  Only choices, and the experiences that we have as a result.  It is up to us to make the most of those lessons, taking with us only that which is going to help us with the next round of choices!  Learning from our perceived mistakes is essential to spiritual growth. By providing a path to mercy and forgiveness through Surrender, Zadkiel helps people heal from the effects that come from our negative thoughts and heavy emotions through our learning experiences. This divine power can be used to mend the wounds of our relationships with other people, and often, more importantly, the relationship with ourselves.

Signs and Symbols to Recognize Zadkiel

In religious texts, Zadkiel is often shown as holding a dagger. This depiction originates from Jewish tradition, where Zadkiel is believed to have prevented Abraham from sacrificing Isaac by inspiring mercy. By holding Abraham’s hand, Zadkiel helped Abraham overcome God’s test of faith.

Divine communication, however, is often indirect and requires knowledge of the beings we connect to. Energy colors help us know when we are being reached. In my personal energetic connections with Archangel Zadkiel, color and sensation of his energy is paramount.  Archangel Zadkiel’s divine energy color is purple, though blue is associated with Zadkiel’s presence as well. When you notice purple light or purple, periwinkle colored objects around you, you can be assured that Zadkiel is connecting with you.  I experience Zadkiel’s energy physically as a soft wave of tingling around my lower legs. Zadkiel makes his presence known with sensation if you are open and receptive to his touch.  For those who experience Divine Guidance through auditory means, Zadkiel speaks in soft whispers and hushed, soothing tones of music. Instrumental music is associated with his energy.

Zadkiel and the Holy Amethyst

Zadkiel and his twin flame, Lady Holy Amethyst, are Archangels of the seventh ray. Alongside the components of Surrender, they embody God’s power of alchemy and transmutation. This power can be used to transmute negative residual karma. The willingness to do a deep dive and take ownership of our choices and their consequences is essential for course-correcting our lives. Zadkiel enables people to invoke these divine qualities, transforming the marks they make on the world in a positive way.

Some people use amethyst crystals or gemstones as tools to connect with Zadkiel. Amethysts are widely regarded as stones with great healing power, with powerful calming properties. Their purple color can serve as a readily available conduit for Zadkiel’s divine energy. Using amethyst crystals while meditating is, therefore, a great way to focus your energy when communicating with Archangel Zadkiel.

Zadkiel and the Violet Flame

As a master of alchemy and transmutation, Zadkiel helps people transform their negative energy into positive action and thought. In order to accomplish this, he uses his divine Violet Flame. With the Violet Flame, Zadkiel allows people to let go of negative energy from interpersonal conflict by enabling them to choose forgiveness. This forgiveness can manifest toward other people, or towards ourselves.

Like many others, I am often my own worst enemy. When I make a mistake, self-criticism can cloud my mind with harsh judgment. Alternatively, when someone else causes me emotional pain, it can sometimes be difficult to offer forgiveness. In times like these, I connect with Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst. Their Violet Flame reminds me that forgiveness is essential for healing, transmuting the negative energy of past choices into calm, serene energy that I use to strengthen my relationship with myself and those around me.

Transforming Your Mindset

Zadkiel provides the Violet Flame as a tool to transform our mindset about past choices. When you invoke the Violet flame, focus on visualizing it surrounding you in a violet aura. Imagine placing your hardships, negative relations, and self doubt into the flame. This gesture makes it easier for your spirit to let go of the negative feelings associated with them, allowing the Violet Flame to transmute them into positive energy. As a result, we can feel freedom from the burdens of grudges and guilt by approaching our problems with love and compassion.

Zadkiel and the Purple Light Ray

Archangel Zadkiel leads the Purple Light Ray, which symbolizes surrender to what is and transformation into freedom. This light ray represents the connection between body and spirit. The Purple Light Ray also carries the divine qualities of love, compassion, mercy, and the potential for spiritual transformation. It is spiritual energy that can turn darkness into light, reflecting its transformational power.

When you reach out to Zadkiel, you will notice the aura of the Purple Light Ray. Amethyst crystals can make it easier to focus on the light ray’s presence and align with Zadkiel’s energy. Allow the Purple Light Ray to envelope you so you can fully connect with Zadkiel and feel the mercy of God/Source. In this state, you can begin transmuting lower energies to higher ones, and ascend into your highest and best self!

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Meditation for Connecting with Zadkiel

Now that– I have a treat for you! If you are wanting to explore your Inner Guidance more deeply, find more grace and joy on the daily, or connect with your emotions in a more profound way, work with Zadkiel now! Here is a 5-minute meditation to introduce you to Archangel Zadkiel.

Sit quietly, with your spine straight, shoulders back and down, feet flat to the floor. Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Just notice how you are breathing, without changing it. Are you breathing through your nose or mouth? Is your breath cool or warm as you inhale? Is your breathing shallow and high or full and low? Just allow whatever your breath is in this moment to ‘be”.

Repeat silently: I let go. I am surrendered into this moment. I have nowhere to be more important than right here, right now, showing up exactly as I am. (Pause) Repeat this 3 times.

As you sit within your Divine light, you become aware of a presence joining you. It is Archangel Zadkiel. Repeat out loud this intention: I’m honoured to meet you Zadkiel! Please introduce me to my compassionate, loving, forgiving nature within! I am an open vessel, ready to receive your guidance on releasing what no longer serves my highest and best. Please show me how to release, transmute and surrender into the peace and joy that I already am, in a tangible, verifiable way now. Thank you for making it so!

If you wish, take this time now to add a personal intention for this experiment.

Zadkiel asks you to take a full, deep breath in, filling your lungs completely. Hold the breath for 3 seconds, then release it in a sigh on “ah”. Feel his wings supporting you as you exhale fully and surrender into him. When you are ready to begin, gently open your eyes.

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