Who is Archangel Uriel

Who Is Archangel Uriel? | The Angel of Truth

Who is Archangel Uriel?

I’ll never forget when I first learned about Archangel Uriel – quite a while back, I was having a reading and the reader passed on a message from Uriel. He spoke of truth and light as prominent and defining attributes of my purpose. He also said I was one of his charges, an energy that had been guiding me since birth. But I remember feeling a little embarassed, because I had to ask – who is Archangel Uriel? After spending a few months introducing myself to the angels I hadn’t heard of, I connected with Archangel Uriel and discovered his superpower. He is the Archangel of Truth!

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Archangel Uriel: The Angel of Truth

Truth is a peculiar thing. It is incredibly powerful, liberating, and sometimes quite scary. Sometimes we find ourselves content to hear the truth twisted into a happier version of reality, rather than face the truth head-on. Why do we often choose to stick our heads in the proverbial sand over acknowledging the realities in front of us?

There are many reasons to prefer illusion over the truth. Perhaps the effort it takes to work through the truth and accept it is too great. Maybe the familiar devils are easier to acknowledge, even if they cause pain and suffering daily, simply because the unknown is too scary. Maybe the truth will encourage someone to change, and they don’t know what work will be required or how others will judge them after their transformation.

Archangel Uriel helps give us the courage to embrace what is true and overcome our personal challenges in facing it. His energy provides support to those seeking to find, speak, and realize their truth in a way that serves the highest and best versions of themselves.

Divine Wisdom & Decision Making

Archangel Uriel inspires the discovery of divine wisdom in those who call upon him. Uriel comes to people when they gain insight into certain situations that might require tough decisions or complete understandings of what is going on. Simply put, Uriel specializes in helping us see the reality of these situations. Uriel means “light of God,” and just like light, which exposes all the cracks, crevices, and flaws of an illuminated object, Archangel Uriel shines a sun-powered spotlight on our inner selves, allowing us to see clearly what is really there.

Only by recognizing and accepting the truth can we be equipped to make informed decisions. Otherwise, our decisions are dictated by navigating the illusions we choose or have yet to expose. The unknown can be very scary, but with Archangel Uriel by your side, you have nothing to fear! After all, as many have said, the truth will set you free.

Uriel’s Prophetic Warnings

Like some of the other archangels, Uriel can connect with people through prophetic warnings or visions. If you think about it, illuminating hidden aspects of any situation also exposes the dangers, risks, or undesirable potential outcomes. In other words, the truth often has warnings built into it. If we see a situation for what it is, and not what we want to see, we can better understand what consequences will result from our decisions.

However, the truth is multidimensional. In any given circumstance, there are the actual events that take place, the personal truths of the people involved and their experiences, higher truths about what is right and wrong, and so on. Due to the nature of truth, prophetic warnings can come in many different forms. It all depends on which truth is relevant to someone’s current struggle.

For example, people having difficulty in their relationships might require different parts of their experience to be illuminated to allow them to see their best course of action. While some people might need to see something about themselves that they are overlooking, other people might need insight into their friend or partner’s experience to fully understand the truth that lies before them. Uriel’s warnings therefore might come as a vision of a part somebody’s own life, or it might come as a vision of another’s. Archangel Uriel might also connect by showing events the way they actually happened, rather than what we choose to believe happened to avoid confronting the truth.

Calling upon Uriel is a sure-fire way to invoke a closer examination of what is going on in our lives and in our minds. By exposing the parts of ourselves that we have yet to discover or choose to hide, we can make informed decisions and realize our highest selves.

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Archangel Uriel and Spiritual Understanding

Looking the truth in the eyes can be quite unsettling. It often involves admitting fault, recognizing pain, or acknowledging flaws. Luckily, Archangel Uriel is aware of the repercussions of seeing the truth, and also helps those who call upon him to work through these difficulties and ultimately accept reality with love and compassion.

For example, people accepting difficult truths are frequently faced with choices about forgiveness. Whether the forgiveness is directed at themselves or somebody else, one thing is for sure – it takes courage because they don’t know if their trust will be broken. More pointedly, they must accept that they don’t know how things will turn out. By helping us accept the truth, Archangel Uriel also helps us develop the courage needed to face the unknown with love, illuminating the new spaces we discover in ourselves with his divine light.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to Archangel Uriel. If you are looking to develop a personal relationship to work more closely with Uriel and other archangels check out my book “The Archangel Experiment: Elevate Your Relationship With The Divine”.


With Love & Gratitude,

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