Archangel Heart-to-Heart

An Intimate Channeling Experience

30 minute session – $100

This session is different from a reading because it is a direct message to you from a specific archangel about your current circumstances.  At the beginning of the session, you may request the Archangel from whom you want to receive personal guidance.  If you do not ask for a specific arch, we will allow whomever to show up.
Please note that there may be an opportunity to ask questions, but sometimes your Archangel has a specific message for you- and will offer it directly, without welcoming your input!  Understand that sometimes the Archangels have a different plan for you!  If you hope to speak with a specific arch, and a different one comes through, don’t be disappointed!!  As I always say, “We do not always get what we WANT, but we always get what we NEED!”
Note: This session is limited to 30 minutes because of the level of energy it takes for Stacey to do it. Due to the intense nature of this experience, they must be scheduled carefully. Please email with the subject line “Archangel Heart to Heart” and her assistant will contact you directly to coordinate a time for the appointment.