Archangel Haniel - (Photo: Kyle Gray's Angel Prayers)

Who is Archangel Haniel? The Archangel of Intuition

Photo: Kyle Gray’s “ANGEL PRAYERS” Oracle Cards

For me, Haniel is the Archangel of Intuition. When you look up at the moon, and see or feel a presence, it isn’t the fabled “man on the moon” looking back. It’s a beautiful Divine Feminine Angel, whose purpose is to remind you to pay attention to your Inner Guidance! When you are connected and following that path, there is nothing you can’t achieve!

Archangel Haniel – The Archangel of Intuition

Many view Archangel Haniel as the Angel of Joy, as her name translates to “Joy of God”. She comes to me as an intuitive guide, pointing me in the direction of a joyful path to my goals.

Joy can be experienced in every moment, in every action or inaction, but we often forget to check in with ourselves, or pay attention to our personal road map, getting caught up in the drama that our lives contain. Haniel encourages us to stop searching for fulfillment outside of ourselves, instead bringing us within, to explore trust, confidence and wonderment in the adventure that is our lives. Follow your passions, find enjoyment in the now, and learn to observe your ego needs as an opportunity to transform fear into love. When we are expressing love, we are experiencing joy! Who doesn’t want more of that?!

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Haniel & the Moon

Many moons ago, before deadlines and the need for alarm clocks, our ancestors lived their lives in flow with nature and the cycles of the moon. We have become detached and unaware, even dismissive of our own natural cycles and rhythms. Haniel brings back a sense of harmony and balance to our lives through gentle nudges to reconnect with our core self – to follow our inner guidance. Release, Realignment, and Remembering all occur during the Moon’s lunar cycle. Let Haniel help you with the 3 R’s using moon energy! Call on her when the moon is Full to Release, when the moon is New to Realign or under the Waxing and Waning phases to be Reminded to check in with your inner voice for an adjusted direction.

Symbols & Signs to Recognize Haniel

There are many different visual descriptions written about Archangel Haniel’s appearance in books and online media. Some associate her with the Turquoise Ray. Others see her as an angelic being with feathered wings and a glowing light surrounding her. Others still see Haniel as a Divine Masculine energy instead of feminine.

Since we are all as unique as the proverbial snowflake, not everyone is going to recognize or experience Haniel in the same way. Each person has their own primary mode of receiving Angelic Guidance. For me, I experience all Archangels as a frequency, an energy body with or without colour, a distinct vibration, or a feeling sensation in my physical body. For example, I know I’m connecting with Archangel Haniel when I feel a physical energetic buzzing in my third eye and on the crown of my head. Sometimes I’ll also see a soft, golden yellow to accompany the feeling, but not every time.

Here are some ways people have experienced Haniel when they connect:

Haniel & the Turquoise Light Ray

Most people associate a turquoise light with Haniel’s energy. This light ray may appear in visions, dreams and/or during meditation and is a sign that she is near. With turquoise being a perfect blend of blue and green, most believers associate Haniel’s light ray to be symbolic of harmony and balance.

Haniel’s Appearance

Archangels are non-physical, celestial energies, so they do not have a physical gender like humans do. However, over time humans have been assigning physical attributes to the angels based on the purposes they serve. Haniel most often appears as a female (typically wearing a turquoise robe with awe-inspiring silver wings) when she is depicted in our physical realm.

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Having a Personal Experience with Archangel Haniel

For the first 30 years of my life, I was afraid of my intuitive side. I had scary visions and dreams that came true, as well as inspirations and ideas for my life that went against the norm, and were not encouraged. There were feelings about people, places and things that I chose to ignore, and bad things happened as a result. I didn’t understand what my intuition really meant, or how, when or why I was receiving it.

When I broke through my fears, and began an empowering journey to self-awareness, Haniel’s energy was a constant friend. She introduced me to a powerful Life Coach who showed me that I wasn’t wrong for being different than most, and guided me to embrace who I am and how I tick! Haniel directed me to psychic skill enhancement classes where I explored my gifts in a safe environment. She introduced me to a loving, encouraging mentor who challenged me to break through my self-inflicted boundaries. She has put many like-minded, supportive friends in my life to keep me grounded and recognize how powerful and worthy I am, just as I am. And her energy introduces and supports meditative techniques that help me get out of my head and into my heart, where I belong.

Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I know I can call on Haniel and instantly feel connected to my intuition on all levels, tuning in for guidance on whatever I may need at the time. And when I’m connected to my inner guidance, I’m always in JOY! I’m so very grateful for this Archangel’s presence in my life! Thank you Haniel for my gift of Intuition!

How can Haniel help you connect fully to your intuition?

Meditation for Connecting with Haniel

Okay if you made it this far – I have a treat for you! If you are wanting to explore your Inner Guidance more deeply, find more grace and joy on the daily, or connect with your emotions in a more profound way, work with Haniel now! Here is a 5 minute meditation to introduce you to Archangel Haniel.

Haniel Meditation:

Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Inhale deeply, and exhale. Breathe deeply and slowly. Inhale, and exhale. Breathe in peace, and breathe out that which no longer serves you. Visualize yourself lying on a raft at the shore of the ocean. You float effortlessly, moving with the ebb and flow of the ocean. Inhale and exhale as though your breath is joined to the tide. Breathe in the salty air and allow your soul to be cleansed.

It is midnight and the moonlight cascades delicately over your body and onto the water. You stare at its majesty, high above the earth’s atmosphere, imagining what the view is like in reverse. As you contemplate this experience, the moonlight grows brighter all around you and the sound of the ocean softens and fades. The moon moves toward you on the raft, growing larger. As it gets within reaching distance, it is transformed into a gorgeous pink and gold orb.

You realize you are in Archangel Haniel’s presence! You reach out to connect with her energy. Repeat out loud this intention: Hi Haniel! I’m honoured to meet you! Please introduce me to your purpose! I am an open vessel, ready to receive your all-encompassing wisdom and am so grateful for your intuitive energy! Please show me the depth of my own power, my own light, in a tangible, verifiable way now. Thank you for making it so!

If you wish, take this time now to add a personal intention for this experiment.

Haniel’s energy travels through your body, preparing you for the journey ahead. When you are ready, gently open your eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise and found the meditation helpful. This meditation comes from my book, The Archangel Experiment: Elevate your Relationship with the Divine. In this book I provide many guided meditations (audio) and experiments that help you discover more ways to deeply connect with Haniel to access your intuition and use it to guide you to a path of fulfillment and joy! Recordings of Meditations Included!

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