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Who is Archangel Gabriel? The Archangel of Inspiration

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This divine being from the angelic realm is known to be one of the most famous of Divine messengers! Archangel Gabriel is one of the spiritual leaders known to help people communicate and emote with clarity, seek heavenly protection, and experience a deep, true sense of peace and harmony within. She’s readily available to assist those who are devoted to empowering humanity, or have a strong pull to invoke their unlimited human potential. 

Who’s Archangel Gabriel? The Archangel of  Creativity, Communication, and Inspiration

The Hebrew meaning of Gabriel translates to “God is my strength.” 

Archangel Gabriel is a powerful spiritual entity. She comes through to people who seek guidance and inspiration – from sculptors and painters to writers and makeover enthusiasts – all those who are in touch with their expressive side!  They connect with Gabriel to unleash their creative energy and design a masterpiece that comes through their unique perspective and experience. It’s true that reaching out to this heavenly being unlocks the doors of creative possibility; invite her in and watch your horizons expand.  Open yourself up to a blissful flow of creation that you may not have discovered otherwise. 

As a champion of healthy communication, Gabriel provides you with healthy, effective, compassionate ways to speak with truthfulness and integrity. She ensures that each time you communicate with your fellow humans, you are speaking your truth from a place of harmony and non-judgment, and your words are serving the intention you hold. This also includes the conversations you have with yourself.

Calming the Monkey Mind to Find Peace

Archangel Gabriel can help you choose kind, loving words for self-talk, thus inviting more positivity around you and a shift of focus to where you want to be. Such clear communication will lead you to build an environment of mutual trust and respect, where you are at peace and can pass it on to others. 

In addition to this, Gabriel assists people who need to declutter their thoughts and enter a peaceful state of mind. She’ll inspire you to pursue your dreams by sharing healing, motivating light when you feel disheartened or discouraged. Her energetic presence around you will dispel all negativity and self-doubt and support you in feeling excited about a new project, event, or an upcoming life change. 

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Signs to Recognize Archangel Gabriel

There are many signs and symbols you may recognize the presence of Archangel Gabriel.

Gabriel & White/Golden Light

You may see a beam of white or golden light!

That’s right – when Archangel Gabriel visits you, one of the first signs to recognize her presence is a calming white or golden-copper light. You may feel this glow of light near your third eye while meditating or calling out to her. If you experience this calming light, just know that Gabriel is near you, to guide and aid you in your endeavors.

Golden Light from Archangel Gabriel

Some people report seeing gorgeous orbs of light through the corner of their eyes while seeking help from Gabriel. These are also a good indication that she’s listening to your requests and is ready to provide support as you move forward. 

Feeling the Warmth of Gabriel’s Energy

When I call upon Gabriel, I experience a sensation – a significant change in the energy of my surroundings. This cleansing energy makes me feel light and well-covered with warmth and joy. 

If you happen to experience clean and soothing energy, as if the water is cleansing your whole being, you can take it as a sign that Gabriel is holding you close. She’s cutting the clutter of confusion so that you can see your divine path clearly and follow the inspiration given. 

Finding Gabriel’s Physical Symbols

Archangel Gabriel music

Just like all archangels, Gabriel too shows her presence through different physical objects. People who ask to establish a connection with this archangel may find trumpets wherever they go in the form of music or a visual symbol in an unexpected place. If you are witnessing trumpets or other elements that resonate with trumpets, just know that Gabriel is with you. 

Another tangible sign of Gabriel’s presence is associated with notebooks, feather pens, and quills. If you come across these quite often or happen to see these in your dreams, visions, or during meditation, take it as a sign that Gabriel is there to offer you divine guidance. 

Lastly, when Gabriel wants you to address and acknowledge her presence, she puts angelic imagery across your path to get your attention. You might notice pictures and photographs of angels on digital devices – all you need to do is to acknowledge the sign, listen to your Intuitive voice, and plan your next course of action. 

‘Knowing’ that Gabriel is there with you

Sometimes when Archangel Gabriel is with you, you just know – you can feel it. Receiving guidance and embracing your creativity with the feeling that it’s a gift from Gabriel is a huge sign indicating you are divinely inspired and protected by this archangel. 

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Archangel Gabriel Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable space. 

Gently close your eyes and pay closer attention to your breath. Observe how you inhale and exhale, and find a deeper sense of comfort with each passing moment. 

Archangel Gabriel guided meditation

Once you establish a connection with your breath, assign it a color – anything of your choice. Go with the first color that you see, hear, or sense. As you inhale deeply, visualize that the beam of colored breath is filtering throughout your body. Feel the colored breath in your feet, ankles, calves, and shin. Visualize it to move towards your upper body – towards your knees, thighs, pelvic area, and naval. Let the colored breath take on a glorious shimmer as it filters through your abdomen, lungs, and chest. This shimmery breath triggers a tingling sensation when it enters your heart and throat area. See the light swirling and expanding, making room for limitless and clear expression. The feeling continues to move towards your head, resting to expand your third eye and crown. 

Meeting With Gabriel

At this moment, you are close to experiencing the feeling of being invincible and limitless; but you are yet surrounded by a sense of doubt – a misty cloud of vapor appears before you. You take your hands to touch the cloud, feel it, and part it to unveil what’s behind the mist. As you do, Archangel Gabriel appears. She’s happy that you initiated the meeting – her smile will touch your soul! You can now open your heart and connect it with hers, repeating the following intention aloud – 

“Hi Gabriel! It’s an honor to meet you! I want to get to know you better. I’d love to learn about your gifts, and how you communicate with me. I’m ready to receive your guidance. Please show me inspiration in areas of my life that can benefit, in a tangible, verifiable way now. I’m so grateful you have made it so!”

If you wish, you can always add your personal intention or message to this experiment. 

Gabriel comes close and gently touches you, placing one hand to your throat chakra and another to your forehead. Her touch and aura will make you feel like an open vessel. You’ll see a brilliant flash of light and graciously receive her wisdom to live an inspired and purposeful life. When you feel comfortable, open your eyes. Express gratitude to Gabriel for visiting you and guiding you with her wisdom and unseen energy. Trust in your prayer and see how the magic unfolds for you. 

Connecting Further With Archangel Gabriel

Are you looking forward to learning more about Archangel Gabriel? If yes, feel free to get started with the exercises and experiments listed in my book The Archangel Experiment. With Gabriel’s help, I created powerful content to help you connect with Gabriel and other archangels. It will help you step closer to the angelic realm and discover ways to live a more connected life.

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