Archangel Conversations & Beyond

Chello All,

It is truly such a joy to be able to connect with each of you monthly to receive powerful insight and words of wisdom from our Archangelic friends!  I love sharing my knowledge and experiences, as well as offer myself as a channel for direct connection for all of you. 

When I received the inspiration for this workshop, I had the vision of being able to reach many people hungry for Archangelic support, and saw this as an opportunity to offer much sought out guidance among those who connect with me. 

With the many challenges we’ve faced during the last two years, it is apparent that this current offering is not one that many feel they can take advantage of at this time, and need a different level of support. 

With this realization, I have decided to take a  pause on Archangel Conversations & Beyond, to connect with my Divine Dream Team and evaluate how best to offer this support moving forward. 

As of right now, my intention is to start up these powerful workshops again in the fall, possibly in a different format, so that I can be of service to the many people in need of guidance and connection in a way that serves the highest and best of everyone involved. 

In the meantime, I will make all previous workshops available for purchase and will find ways to represent the Archangelic Collective through my social media platforms. To purchase any previous workshops prior to May just email me at:

I am hopeful that this time allows the birth of something even better that we could have ever imagined!

Archangel Conversations & Beyond


An Interactive Group Experience

$75 per person / per session

This 90-minute interactive session is an opportunity to explore a monthly theme, selected by The Feather, that highlights challenges we all face on the daily!  

During each monthly session, you will be introduced to an Archangel who will directly assist us with a specific topic. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the Archangels and how to communicate and enhance your experience with them. Here’s what you can expect during each live workshop:

eye of Horus

Live Channeling

Stacey will perform a live 20-minute channeling session during each workshop to connect with an Archangel and discuss that month’s topic. You’ll hear direct guidance from a different Archangel every month (although, we don’t always know which Archangel will come through).

Interactive Q&A

Got questions?! Stacey will remain in a channeled state so you can ask your questions directly to an Archangel! This is a wonderful opportunity to ask the Archangels for personal guidance around the topic being discussed.

Guided Meditation & Activation

Enhance your experience with the Archangels when you use Stacey’s guided meditations & activations! Each journey is meant to connect you with a different Archangel and can be used in your personal practice at any time.

Downloadable Handouts

 Each monthly session includes a downloadable handout with invaluable prompts, exercises, affirmations, and more for that particular workshop. This is a great tool to use during and after each session to record your experiences, along with key takeaways about each Archangel and theme.

May's Workshop:

May 21st @ 1 PM EST

Connecting to the Frequency of Love with Archangel Chamuel

Photo of Archangel Ariel: Kyle Gray’s “ANGEL PRAYERS” Oracle Card

Note: By registering and participating in this event, you consent to the recording of your likeness, image, and/or voice and authorize The Black Feather Intuitive to use photographs, video, and audio recordings containing your likeness, image, and/or voice in any medium for any purpose. 

This month, we’ll call upon Archangel Chamuel to explore the Heart Chakra and learn about:

✔️ Love as frequency; not as feeling
✔️ Healing
✔️ Self Love
✔️ Accessing healing frequencies to eliminate dis-ease
✔️ High Heart Chakra – what is it & how can we access it?
✔️ Gaining Support through the vibration of the colours Pink & Green; & Supportive Crystals

ALSO… The Dream Team wants YOU to ask questions while I’m in a channeled state! At the end of each workshop I’ll perform a live channeling to connect with Archangel Michael with a live Q&A.


Rick Z.

I am recommending everyone to attend the Black Feather Intuitive Archangel Conversation Workshop. As Stacey’s personality is so easygoing and bubbly, it at first feels like you’re settling in for a light chat. However, one soon realizes what a wonderful and fascinating happening that is occurring when she is engaged with an Archangel. I have been very fortunate to be a witness of her channeling sessions. I am in awe of them as I feel so fortunate to hear the Archangel messages through Stacey’s gift. I feel she is one with them, for that alone I am endorsing her Archangel Conversation Workshop to others wanting to receive this experience firsthand. Bear in mind, Stacey, the Black Feather Intuitive, always shows up for her clients to help assist us learn, grow and embody the Higher Self of who we truly are.


I had the personal experience of attending the Archangel Conversation, Improving Connection & Levels of Intimacy within our Relationships with Raguel & Zadkiel. I found the workshop very interesting and learned a great deal about these two Archangels.  For me personally, I related to Zadkiel in that I needed to release and surrender of what no longer serves me. I thought having other participants was a great way to share experiences an insights. Overall, I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone who is looking to understand and relate to the Archangels more. 


No problem! We send out a recording of the live workshop to every individual who enrolled in that month’s workshop. You’ll have up to 30 days to watch or rewatch the recording.

Each monthly workshop takes place in a live Zoom meeting. If you have never used Zoom before, please make sure to set up a free account through Zoom before the live workshop begins. Also, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to download and set up the Zoom application before the live workshop begins.
Be on the lookout for a confirmation email from my team a day or two before each live workshop. This email typically includes a program overview, a downloadable handout or worksheet, instructions to access the workshop via Zoom, and more. If for any reason you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact me directly for assistance.

That’s no problem! Feel free to leave the workshop at any time. You’ll always receive a recording of the live workshop to watch for up to 30 days following the live event.

Yes, absolutely! I offer a personalized 30-minute channeling session exclusively to those who have attended the Archangel Conversations workshop. During this session, you may request an Archangel from whom you wish to receive personal guidance or we will allow whomever to show up.

We try to send this out as soon as possible following the live workshop. The video files can be quite large so please allow 5-6 hours following the live workshop for my team to send this out to you.

There is a lot of information that comes through during these workshops so it’s quite common to think of various questions after you’ve attended one of these live sessions. Consider my Guidance on the Go email readings for instant clarity! This service allows you to ask a single question by email and Stacey will respond by email within 24 hours with a guided channel from the Dream Team.