Chello All,

It is truly such a joy to be able to connect with each of you monthly to receive powerful insight and words of wisdom from our Archangelic friends!  I love sharing my knowledge and experiences, as well as offer myself as a channel for direct connection for all of you. 

When I received the inspiration for this workshop, I had the vision of being able to reach many people hungry for Archangelic support, and saw this as an opportunity to offer much sought out guidance among those who connect with me. 

With the many challenges we’ve faced during the last two years, it is apparent that this current offering is not one that many feel they can take advantage of at this time, and need a different level of support. 

With this realization, I have decided to take a  pause on Archangel Conversations & Beyond, to connect with my Divine Dream Team and evaluate how best to offer this support moving forward. 

As of right now, my intention is to start up these powerful workshops again in the fall, possibly in a different format, so that I can be of service to the many people in need of guidance and connection in a way that serves the highest and best of everyone involved. 

In the meantime, I will make all previous workshops available for purchase – just me email at: and will find ways to represent the Archangelic Collective through my social media platforms. So let’s stay connected!

I am hopeful that this time allows the birth of something even better that we could have ever imagined!