Welcome to Enhancing the Archangel Experiment, An Awareness Journey. 

This 4-part course is designed to help you develop a deeper connection and relationship with 16 Archangels. By the end, you will have a deepened connection, and a ritual practice you can use to connect with them on a regular basis to help you as needed.

The course is split up in four parts, and designed to help you:


Although each module can be completed separately, they are meant to be done in order. The first course “Leaping” is designed to help you overcome fear & obstacles and is a critical building block to the rest of the course!

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Leaping is the first of 4 courses in The Archangel Experiment: An Awareness Journey, focusing on supporting you through the fears, obstacles, challenges and opportunities you face when starting a new life chapter.  Beginning something new, like a lifestyle or career change, a move or a new relationship can be unnerving as we face the unknown or unfamiliar.  The Archangels are anxious to help you through this process, and that is exactly what Leaping is designed to help you do!

  • Fear & Self-Doubt Two things that plague most people when beginning a new journey are fear & self doubt.  Have you ever heard the saying:  Whether you think you can or can’t do it, you’re Right!    Let’s be honest… we all tend to focus on the reasons why a change WON’T work, instead of why it WILL work. The first experiment we do with Archangel Jophiel is designed to help you overcome these false, negative projections, and move past them.
  • Conquering CourageThe next step is exploring the courage needed to traverse your journey. Archangel Michael’s experiment is designed to help you find just that! Courage is SO powerful, and necessary to help you manifest your goals into reality. 
  • Life ReviewAs you generate and build on positive energy we will move onto a review of your life with Archangel Jeremiel .  As you look back at your experiences to date, and examine what works, and what doesn’t, learn exactly how you tick!   Knowing what serves (and no longer serves) you in getting where you want to be opens up potentials and possibilities you may not have explored before.
  • Personal PowerAs you conclude the first course, enjoy stepping into your personal power for the next leg of your journey. Meet Archangel Metatron and explore empowerment as you never have before by acknowledging and committing yourself to the ideal path for you.  Feel amazing as you set out to achieve your highest and best intention!

Getting to know my Arch’s has changed me in ways that I’m still processing … my approach to every situation now includes an awareness, an inner peace, knowing I’m supported with clarity, understanding, and freedom, and it all comes through me, for me, from within my Inner Guidance!    

I invite you to join me in a supremely unique opportunity to develop what may be the most important relationships of your lifetime!  Meet the Archangels on your terms, in your own way, and gain invaluable awareness on how you receive this Divine Guidance, so you always have access to their help.


Growing is the second grouping of 4 courses in An Awareness Journey, focusing on delving deep to discover the gifts earned through life experience.  Release what no longer serves you, what holds you back from fully living your dreams!   Let The Archangels guide you through this exciting shift toward wholeness, and learn how quickly you Grow fully into an inspired you!

  • Exploring Grief – Grief is one of the most challenging emotions humans face in their lifetime.  Whether it’s through death or loss, we have difficulty accepting drastic, life-altering change, and often internalize these experiences in ways that are detrimental to our forward momentum. The first experiment we do with Archangel Azrael is designed to support you in processing any residual grief (realized or unrealized), and free you to move forward with hope and vision.
  • Surrender & Transmute – The next step is exploring the concept of Surrender, and how it can shift your emotional (and physical) outlook from heaviness to lightness.   Archangel Zadkiel’s  experiment is designed to show you how to transmute past hurts, wounds, frustrations into Acceptance and Joy! Experience tangible results as you use your growth for the benefit of others, as well as yourself.
  • Healing the Now – As you become aware of and understand how past experience has helped you, we will apply this knowledge to your NOW!  Prepare to be wow’d by Archangel Raphael’s radical approach to current issues in your life, and how quickly they disappear.
  • Life Purpose – As you conclude the second course, explore your Life Purpose and make adjustments to your path, your way!  Meet Archangel Chamuel and realize how love permeates every aspect of your chosen journey, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways.  You have the right to choose!   Bathe in this Arch’s love and light while feeling inspired and supported in going for your dreams.

Creating is the third grouping of 4 courses in An Awareness Journey, focusing on learning to create for creation’s sake – co-creating your life AS you live it!   Creating is a Divine skill you’ve been given to live your best life.  Increase your awareness around how to apply this today!  Release what no longer serves you, what holds you back from fully living your dreams! Allow the Archangels to introduce you to the magic of Creating the best version of you!

  • Creative Communicating – Communication with others can be fraught with misunderstandings, mis-steps and mishaps, yet all most of us really desire is to be listened to, heard, and understood. The first experiment we do with Archangel Gabriel is designed to explore communication with others with a creative twist, so that you can get to the heart of the matter and create an ideal outcome!
  • Co-Creating – The next step is learning the ins and outs of how to successfully co-create in a group setting, as well as on your own, and receive tangible, verifiable results! Archangel Orion’s experiment is designed to show you how to harness and focus your personal vision, and invite your spiritual guidance to assist in achieving it.  More hands make light work!
  • Manifesting – Discover your inner wizard with Archangel Raziel  as you explore how to work with energy within and around you to your advantage! Think big for this one, and enjoy the process of creation that comes through you.
  • Mastering the ASK – As you conclude the third course, explore the ASK with Archangel Sandalphon. We often forget to involve our angelic team in our lives, and they can’t interfere without our permission.  Learn how to reach out to them for everything – those tricky situations you’re unsure how to handle; heavy emotional energy or big life decisions; even getting that rock star parking spot when it’s raining!  Invitation and Formulation make all the difference in creating what you truly desire!

Embracing is the last of the 4 courses in An Awareness Journey, focusing on giving you the spiritual tools and support to enhance your life journey.  Integrating advanced concepts and modalities is a powerful, enlightening experience requiring bold, yet gentle steps forward so you can fully live your highest and best life, in your own unique way.  And your trusty team of Archangels is here to help guide the way!

  • Past Life Regression– While finding out who you were in a previous life can be a cool thing to do, the memory recall and lessons, tools, & skills utilized are vital to helping you embrace your path in this life here, and now. Imagine the possibilities!  Archangel Cassiel guides you lovingly through the first experiment, showing you what you need to know.
  • Mastering Harmony – The next step is exploring how to incorporate and maintain Harmony within your day-to-day dealings. Archangel Raguel’s experiment is designed to reveal depths of balance, and master your harmony with his help!
  • Dissolving States of Mind– As you learn to identify and dissolve ego’s wants, needs, and negative affect on your life, you will create space for joy and bliss!  With Archangel Haniel, discover how to step out of victimhood and embrace the empowerment that comes from further self knowledge and understanding.   
  • Embracing Your Truth– As you conclude the fourth and final course, enjoy stepping into your truth, and understanding the difference between your truth, others truths, and the universal truth that is within everyone, for the next leg of your journey. Meet Archangel Uriel …embrace the various facets of truth, so you can move forward confidently and boldly, knowing yourself and your beliefs. Stand tall and commit to your truthful path – it will lead you to your highest and best, most purposeful life!

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