Am I psychic? Someone learning to unlock their intuitive powers

Am I psychic? Unlocking Your Intuitive Powers

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Have you ever experienced something that can’t be explained? Does your gut always lead you in the right direction? Are you always right? Do you have vivid dreams that come to reality? 

Many people believe we are all capable of psychic abilities. While some of us tune in and enhance our abilities, others suppress their gifts, never bringing them to light. 

It’s quite common to recognize and begin developing psychic abilities during childhood. As kids, we are more susceptible to seeing, hearing, and feeling things that Adults are no longer attuned to. But, that doesn’t mean your intuitive skills are lost as you get older. They just need to be reawakened. 

If you’re being called someway or somehow to awaken your psychic abilities, fear not! I’ll be guiding you through the different types of psychics and how you too can unlock your intuitive powers. 

The Different Types of Psychics 

Some people are more naturally tuned into their psychic abilities. However, just like any skill you too can develop and train your clair senses to unlock your true potential. There are many different types of psychics and it’s not uncommon to possess multiple types. 

Being psychic means that you have the ability to connect and communicate with higher light beings or guides in ways connected to our human senses. You have the ability to process sensory data on a much deeper level than others. For example, a psychic may see images or hear messages about another person when they connect with their energy. Or they may receive messages about predictive events through dreams or waking visions. 

A psychic may also be a medium – someone who communicates with spirits, ancestors, archangel guides, ascended masters, and light beings. There are many ways to identify with being psychic, some even recognize up to nine, but there are four main clair senses to become aware of first and foremost. 

Getting to know the 4 main clair senses

The 4 Main Clair Senses


Also known as ‘clear seeing’, clairvoyance is where you receive visual messages or visions in your mind. You may be able to see the colors of auras have vivid dreams or mental images that pop into your head or even see objects, numbers, symbols, or colors. Clairvoyance is dominated by the Third-Eye chakra so focus on opening your third eye to develop or enhance this psychic ability. 


One of the most common clair senses is clairsentience or sense feeling. This is when you receive psychic information through the physical body, and can “feel” into something. You may get butterflies in your stomach for a “Yes” or a rock in your belly for a “no”. When dimensional energies are around you, you may feel chills on your body or a presence near you. Sometimes you get a gut feeling that allows you to strongly sense and feel the emotions or energies, good or bad, of others. Clairsentience rules over all of the lower chakras – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, as well as the Heart.


Clair hearing is the ability to hear messages in your mind through thoughts, music, or other tones. Controlled by the Throat chakra, Clairaudience messages may sound like someone else speaking in your head or mixed sounds like a radio transmission. 


Being claircognizant is having the ability to just “know” things about another person, place, or thing. Clear knowing allows you to energetically download information from your intuition about an individual’s past, present, or future. This lets you tap into the energy of a situation or individual to unveil certain bits of information they may be unaware of. 

Am I Psychic? 6 Signs You Are 

  1. One of the most common signs that you’re psychic is experiencing one or more of the 4 clair’s.  When driving, do you just know when a driver is going to pull into your lane without signaling?  Have you ever had an overwhelming feeling about someone or something and it happens as you sensed?  Are you seeing images or hearing voices or sounds that no one else around you experiences? If so, you’re most likely experiencing one or more of the clair senses. 
  2. You experience Deja Vu off and on in waves. Or see orbs of light around you or in your environment. 
  3. You’re often having clear, intense, and vivid dreams that tend to come true. 
  4. These gifts can often be hereditary and have been passed down through your family. Sometimes you know a person’s history without having met them before. 
  5. Having experiences that can’t be explained. Maybe it was a childhood memory or something that came about during meditation. The more we pay attention, the more we can see spirits and energy drawing our abilities out. 
  6. Predicting things before they happen. These ‘aha’ moments of “I knew you were going to call” or knowing about a friend’s career move before they tell you. 

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How to Unlock Your Psychic Powers 

So, do you think you’re psychic now?! Our psychic abilities can be unleashed or developed even further with patience and awareness of self. Here are a few ways to help you unlock your psychic powers. 

Have a psychic reading

Someone else with these abilities will likely sense yours and may even be able to offer some guidance. 

Practicing mindfulness meditation to unleash psychic abilities

Begin a mindfulness meditation practice

It’s crucial to cultivate an awareness practice so you can really get familiar with your own intuition and energy. Once you’ve mastered yourself, you can more easily tune in to others. It’s also where you can experience energetic downloads from your spirit guides! 

Try energy healing 

By opening up your energy chakras you can become more attuned to your own energies, thus awakening your psychic abilities even further. 

Start using a tarot deck or oracle deck

Begin practicing your psychic receiving with a daily card pull or asking simple questions. As you learn the tarot card meanings, notice any thoughts or emotions that come up, and consider keeping a journal of your discoveries to look back on! 

A great way to explore your psychic prowess is to create a sacred space in your home that supports connection to your Higher Self.  When our environment is energetically aligned with who we are at our core, this opens our Divine Receptive conduit and allows for a clearer channel. Consider exploring resonant Chakra colors to enhance your Divine Space and then enjoy the vibes and clarity!  

As you begin expanding on your psychic abilities, be sure to trust your gut! You have to cultivate a healthy relationship with your intuition and your subconscious mind first in order to unlock your true abilities. Pay close attention to your thoughts, dreams, and surroundings for sounds, visuals, colors, feelings or energies, and more. It may seem frightening or overwhelming at first, but you’re not alone! 

Stay calm, stay aware, and keep practicing!

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