Meet Stacey, The Black Feather Intuitive

Get an intimate look into the life of The Black Feather Intuitive. Learn about her story, what she does and why does does it!

My Mission

I’m an Intuitive Guide and Channeler, uniquely qualified to support people seeking to achieve the highest vision of themselves. I focus on helping my clients get to the heart of the matter, remove challenges & embrace opportunities, encouraging them to expand, evolve and be empowered to elevate and revolutionize their lives!

My Values

Energy, Guidance, Transformation & Spiritual Wisdom.

What To Expect in A Session?

Learn more about Stacey’s process for a session. Get a closer look into how she works, and how a session can be used to give you clarity and guidance to help you live your best life.


Stacey The Black Feather Intuitive
Chello! I’m Stacey, The Black Feather Intuitive. So nice to connect with you! As an Intuitive in these times of great change, my joy and purpose is to be in service as a Guide to those who feel called to find & fulfill their purpose in a co-creative way. Being an Intuitive, Channeler, Oracle & Energetic Healer, it is my honour to offer whatever is needed to empower clients in connecting deeply with their spiritual & energetic selves, their soul space, their true essence. We have all come into this life with a specific soul path and a heart’s desire to become all that we feel we can be – for ourselves as well as for the greater collective. And it’s not always easy! Sometimes we need help, guidance and a non judgemental space to learn, grow and find ways to support ourselves while we answer the call to serve others in our lives. Sometimes we need a fresh, new perspective on what we are experiencing, and transformative tools to guide us forward into our highest & best outcomes. And sometimes, with all of the clutter and noise of the energetic world, it is a challenge to hear and interpret our own inner guidance clearly. It helps to have someone there to shine a light on what is truth, for confirmation, validation, as well as a beacon in the storm of confusion that we can often find ourselves in as energetically aware people. It is my pleasure to offer connection to support your path through:
  • Powerful Channeled Sessions that offer direct guidance, alchemization & transmutation from the Archangelic Collective, Galactic Councils, & your own Divine Guides for direction, healing, & soul path clarity  
  • Expansive Personal Sessions to address issues around soul growth in your daily life  
  • Elevating & energetically activating Workshops
  • Online Courses & Books designed to enhance your spiritual awareness
  • Continuous Connection through Social Media, where I offer many supportive tools through videos, posts & community!  
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  • Facebook – The Black Feather Intuitive (Daily Empowerment Posts, Demystify the Divine – Live Wednesday at 8pm ET)
  • Instagram – The Black Feather Intuitive (Channeled Guidance & Oracular Wisdom)
  • YouTube – The Black Feather Intuitive (Weekly Guidance Videos, Wine & Wisdom, Archangel Introductions, Demystify the Divine – Live Wednesday 8pm ET, etc.)
We are in challenging times – you don’t need to go it alone!  Let’s explore your Soul Path together and light the world on soul fire! With love and gratitude, Stacey, The Black Feather Intuitive