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5 Tips to Help You Choose A Trusted Psychic

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How Do You Find A REAL Trustworthy Psychic Medium !?

With the birth of the internet, accessibility to a plethora of information on every subject and desire is right at our fingertips, all hours of the night and day. One could spend hours and hours of precious time researching any given topic, to help choose a direction that works for them, and still feel overwhelmed and under-confident about their choice. The search for legitimate psychic intuitive guidance is no exception.

So how does one seek out, and successfully find, Divine guidance from a psychic that is given with integrity, accuracy, and impeccable intention? Who can you trust?

Even though I am a Psychic Intuitive, I, too, run into this complication when seeking guidance for myself. So I offer up my own personal process to find a legit psychic, to give you somewhere to start!

TIP# 1: Go with your Gut Instinct!

When you are checking out readers online, or in person (say at a psychic fair, or in a metaphysical bookstore), what is your first reaction to them? If you get warm fuzzies, tingles, goose bumps, or you resonate with their bio, that’s a good indication they are a compatible match for you. If you click on their website, or catch a glimpse of them in their reading room, and you are repelled, repulsed or suddenly very scared, or you get a flip in your stomach, or a weird smell in your nose, that generally means “Stay Away!”
Sometimes you may feel neutral about them – neither excited nor disturbed. This often indicates that you won’t really get the information you are seeking.

TIP#2: Read their mission statement!

Reading what each person stands for, and what their passion is can be a great indicator of compatibility for you. Do they talk about their own experiences and who they enjoy helping or their educational credentials?
In my own personal experience, I have found that readers who are more focused on who they’ve studied with and how many Certificates of Authenticity they hold, are often (but not always) in the “biz” for the wrong reasons. As a result, their guidance might be self-serving, or tainted with personal motive. While having credentials isn’t wrong, it also isn’t necessary when sharing intuitive guidance. It comes from within, and is unique to each reader. No piece of paper can give you psychic abilities.

TIP#3: What’s their specialty?

Do they specialize in only one or two areas? Specializing isn’t a bad thing at all. Just check to make sure that the guidance you are seeking is the type of guidance they can focus on. You don’t want to go to an intuitive that specializes in Animal Communication when you are looking for career insight. If you’re looking for a Medium, you might need more than a Tarot reading. You get the idea! 😉

TIP #4: Join their community!

Sign up for a reader’s newsletter or follow them on social media and see what kind of information they present. Is it generally helpful, positive and worth your time to read? Do they offer information freely, with minimal advertising? If so, take the time to develop a connection with them. Reach out to them directly and see what kind of response you get. You can tell a great deal about a persons’ authenticity by the way they communicate.

TIP#5: What are other people saying?

With many things in this world, Word of Mouth is often the best indicator that you have a legitimate reader. If you know 1 or more people who swear by a reader they recommend, it’s a pretty good bet they will have a quality experience to offer. Also, with social media so prevalent today, calling up reviews of the reader can be a good indication of what to expect.

Something to keep in mind though… Each of us is very unique, with different energy and specific needs. Not everyone will resonate with you, or you with them. Sometimes we are drawn to certain people for a reason. For example, your bestie gets a reading from Sally Jo and it was AMAZING. You book right away and your experience is mediocre. What happened? Maybe your energies weren’t a match! It doesn’t mean the reader is necessarily a fake or phony, just not the right one for you! Always refer to #1 – Go with your Guts, if you are unsure.

Whatever tips you try, don’t be scared to check out this type of assistance! If you do pick someone that doesn’t float your boat, try again! As Caesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer says: There’s a perfect dog out there for every person. The same is true for Divine Guidance! View it as an adventure and you’ll never go wrong!


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