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I'm Stacey, The Black Feather Intuitive. So nice to connect with you!

The journey to fully accepting and embracing my psychic gifts has been an interesting one, with many twists and turns. The day I realized I didn’t need anyone’s permission to live happy and fulfilled - my way - inspired me to help others do the same, in whatever way that looks for them. I found my truth, embraced it, and solidified my purpose in the process! I am thrilled to finally be fully on purpose and of service in my life. And I'm very fulfilled when I'm helping others find their own unique truth.

Whether it’s passing along Divine Guidance or talking Empowered Living strategy with my clients, I LOVE sharing in this way with others!

How can I help you find your truth?

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  • So where do you begin when you meet someone like Stacey - the words WOW, Amazing, Awesome, Unbelievable all come to mind but really don't do her justice. Stacey's gift is INCREDIBLE! She has helped me so much with my business - which direction to go next, plus giving us the confidence we needed to spend money in the right areas. She will help you with only what you ask for & isn't like any other psychic. She is ALWAYS spot on and will help you become a stronger person in both your personal life and business!

    Heidi Beaudoin Raleigh, NC
  • Honestly I was blown away by how insightful and powerful my session with Stacey was!! She welcoming but she also created a trust and loving environment in which I was comfortable. Her vision and guidance were super impactful & spot on. I felt connected to the reading and intrigued every second of it. I left the session with a sense of confidence and calmness unique to this experience. She is truly amazing at what she does! I feel like I'm returning to school with a deeper understanding of my journey with a whole lot of hope!

    Jorge De La Torre Denison University, OH


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  • This book offers inspiration that comes from a combination of my own dreams, my need to find meaning in every thought, word and action I choose, and sharing that meaning with others as food for thought.

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  • Intention setting is a tool for accessing our truest desires and allowing them to come to life!
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